Guitar, Life, Whatever Podcast

Guitar, Life, Whatever, explores how musicians relate to the modern world with in-depth conversations between jazz guitarist Matt Warnock and videographer Zaskia Villa. Special guests will stop by from time to time.

Trio Conversation - Holly Joins the Gang - Episode 14

Holly Holmes, Matt's better half, joins the conversation as she's stuck working from home right now. The trio talks about how to fit in on stage, how singers tune to guitarists, how to support a singer, and more.

Memory, Habits, and Pushups - Episode 13

Matt and Zaskia talk about memory in regards to life and music. They also dig into build habits for learning guitar based on a pushup story Zaskia read about. And the normal hilarity ensues...

Zaskia Makes a Music Video and Matt's Horror Stories - Episode 12

Zaskia talks about her experience directing, producing, and editing her first music video. Matt talks about 3 times in his life/career where he ran into a situation that caused him to rethink his future in music. The fun ensues!

Transformation in Music, Life, and Whatever - Episode 11

Zaskia and Matt talk about transformations in music and life. How challenging ourselves leads to positive change, and why Matt started Play Jazz Guitar in 2016.

Journey - From the Band to Our Musical Adventures - Episode 10

Matt and Zaskia discuss their musical journey's, the band Journey, Matt's desire to be free with his performances and Zaskia's life and music connection.

New Year New Goals for 2020 - Episode 9

Matt and Zaskia discuss setting musical goals, how goals are effective learning tools, what we're listening to and more.

Meet the Team - The Gang's in Town! - Episode 8

The gang is all in Tucson and so Matt, Zaskia, Steph, and Ben sit down to talk about guitar, creativity, how you the listener drive everything we do and more!

The Art of Guitar Building - Episode 7

Matt sits down with luthier Dan Koentopp as they discuss guitar making, life, and whatever.

Ask Matt - Q & A With Matt Warnock - Episode 6

How tall is Matt? What's Matt's favorite sports team? Is Matt a 300 year old vampire masquerading as a guitar teacher? Get these answers and much more in this week's episode of Guitar, Life, Whatever...

Learning How to Learn - Matt and Marc in Conversation - Episode 5

In this special guest episode, Matt and Marc Talk Guitar, Learning, Johnny Smith, life with the guitar as a non-career musician, and more.

Behind the Camera - Getting to Know Zaskia - Episode 4

Who is Zaskia? Matt and Zaskia talk about who she is, where she comes from, and he she fits into the MWG and GFL family. This week's topic comes from a listener question who wanted to know more about the person behind the camera. Instagram link here.

What is a Professional Musician? - Episode 3

Matt and Zaskia talk about the meaning of the word professional in the artistic world, why Matt prefers professional vs. unprofessional instead of professional vs. amateur, and more!

Failure and Learning - Episode 2

Matt and Zaskia talk about the role of failure in learning and how to use failure as a motivational experience when learning to play guitar, and in life and general.

A Life in Guitar - Episode 1

In this episode we discuss how one relates to the guitar in their first months of playing vs. their 25th year of playing. Matt and Zaskia delve into creativity, who we play for, playing with the beginner's mind, and more.

29 Comments to “ Guitar, Life, Whatever Podcast”

  1. jay says :Reply

    Just discovered your podcast & gives a look at all aspects of a life with guitars. Nice to listen to while my fretting hand heals hehe.

  2. James Vincent Krasinski says :Reply

    Thanks, Matt. Your podcasts are very interesting and informative. Zaskia is delightful, intelligent, and enthusiastic about life.

  3. James Oldenburg says :Reply

    Really enjoyable, engaging, and informative conversation as always with you two! I appreciate how it feels like I just went to the coffee shop for visit with you both!…don’t tell anyone, but I found myself joining in with a few comments. So great to get to know you both a little better. Thanks to you both for sharing your thoughts and passion in such a direct and honest way….looking forward to my next visit…..peace

  4. Dave says :Reply

    I really enjoyed listening to your interview with Marc. Not being a professional, I take for granted that I can choose to work on any tune or aspect of music I want to at anytime. Professionals do not have that luxury. By spending a year playing at blues jams, I think I have seen the best and worst that experience has to offer. One of the best things I experienced playing in front if an audience is how I went up there really nervous one night and after a while suddenly opened myself up and relaxed. I could see that the crowd relaxed too and became much more involved and happier. Your discussion helped me realize that some players do not want to play for people but because I had this positive experience onstage I see that there is a part of me that wants to connect with an audience but getting past the part of me that doesn’t is my challenge. I look forward to hearing the rest of your podcasts.

    1. Matthew Warnock says :Reply

      Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it. I like how everyone can have a different approach to learning and playing guitar, and we can all love those experiences just the same. Keep picking and keep having fun playing!

  5. David says :Reply

    Such a fascinating interview with Dan, thanks so much for the interview and chat :-)

  6. rick says :Reply

    how to succeed on the guitar

  7. Navi says :Reply

    Hey, Matt!
    Tried to find how you make such a delightful guitar sound!), but to no avail. Maybe you ‘ll have a moment to talk about it.
    ps. Please apologize for my English)))) actually it translates googl.

  8. David says :Reply

    Hi Matt and Zaskia, another great podcast :-) for the record Im just over 6 feet (for some reason I thought Matt was a bit shorter then I am, judging by the camera angle etc, good guess on your part Matt), Ive been listening to a lot of Ed Bickert and Eva Cassidy lately :-)

  9. Brian says :Reply

    Hi Matt, Just sitting here all alone with my thoughts and thinking about an interesting and deep discussion:
    How much of how we are wired vs how much we work at music will have the greatest impact on how spontaneous and creative we are as musicians.
    To point: I see you as a very witty person by nature and so this would (could) have a big influence on your ability to improvise and make spontaneous music and others may never be able because they simply are not wired that way.
    Anyway, I think this would provoke a lot of questions and answers and be interesting to hear both of your thoughts on this one.

  10. Shane RUff says :Reply

    I’ve been able to listen in for a bit and I am loving what I am hearing. I know I’m one of several of the PJG crowd that comes to you from a Rock background. Interesting to hear from others, “What caused you to ‘switch’?” and maybe incorporate into a show, “How to make the switch” Going from cowboy chords and power chords to compound chords and chord extensions is not always an easy feat! Best Wishes Matt & Zaskia!

  11. Tom says :Reply

    Oh yeah, another topic that came to mind from the previous podcast: bring your wife and other people who have regularly played with you in for discussion. I would like to hear their perspective on your playing–how what you do helps them, whether or not there are things you could do differently to help them (or the whole band) perform better, and what’s most important to them in a guitar player. I’d like to understand how the stuff you’re teaching us in PJG is received by other members of the band.

  12. brian Olderfellow says :Reply

    Be interesting to hear how people who play, have played or about to play a real gig get their sound right:
    Right tone (seems we are very focused on tone)
    Right volume
    Right acoustics
    etc and what, if any spare equipment they bring: set of strings, spare amp

  13. Tom says :Reply

    Matt and Zaskia – I enjoy your insightful conversations and look forward to many more great episodes. Some topics that I would really dig:
    1. Matt, I am not sure if you’ve previously published a “best jazz recordings” list, but I would love to hear a “Top 10” of your jazz picks for albums that people should have and why they are important. Not just guitar – all instruments. That may take an entire episode!
    2. Zaskia – we don’t know much about you, other than you are an aspiring filmmaker and you’re new to guitar. Tell us more about your life, where you’re from, what your passions are, your favorite music, artists, authors, etc. Knowing more about you will be very helpful to understand where your insights come from.
    3. Matt, I’ve only seen you finger pick. You mentioned that you were good with a pick at one time. What was your picking technique, and why did you give it up?

    I can keep going on, but I have to get to work. Thanks for considering my ideas.

    1. Thanks for checking it out. Great topics, we’ll add them to the list!

  14. David says :Reply

    Thanks Matt and Zaskia, episode 2 was great! Lots to think about in relation to how to use failure to keep going and not give up as well as how to stay motivated, it’s a good reminder to set realistic goals as well! Please keep the podcasts coming ;-)

    1. Thanks for checking it out man, glad you dug it. That’s a good reminder for use all. :)

  15. Laurent says :Reply

    Hey Zaskia and Matt. I had a very pleasant moment listening to you both and drinking coffee! Like Matt i had some tough moments like hands shaking but never in jam session. It s like when i am really prepared i can t deal with the pressure so i ll have to play very simply because my hands shake so much. So i learn to play with my hands shaking.. after 3 or 4 tunes the shakes stops and i can play better. The strange thing is that i don t feel any pressure in jam sessions because the pressure is different i suppose… About this teacher cutting his students volume don t understand the point, but in every work there s people who enjoy their power in a sadistic way… Thanks fpr this cool moment ! :)

    1. Thanks man, glad you dug the podcast, thanks for checking it out. Nerves are something that we all deal with. And the more you perform the easier it is to turn nerves into positive energy. And you’re right, there are jerks in every job. :) Thanks for listening!

    2. David says :Reply

      Wow, such a fascinating talk with Marc, so many great points and interesting stories, I could listen to a conversation like that for hours :-)

  16. brian Olderfellow says :Reply

    Very laid back and nice to listen to Matt. I realized that the more I play, the shorter life is:-) and don’t worry about how good you play–there are always better players and less skilled than yourself so just do your thing.

    1. Thanks man, glad you dug it. That’s true, just have fun and let the journey be your enjoyment.

  17. Paul LaPoint says :Reply

    Why is there no download link so that I can listen on my daily walk?
    Thanks, Paul

    1. Hi Paul, you can use any of the links on the left side of the page to download and play the podcast on Spotify, Google Music, iTunes, or Stitcher. That’s the most common way to download podcasts to listen to online. If you’re subscribed to one already you can click that link, or pick one you like and add that app to your device.

  18. Che Bonilla says :Reply

    Hi Matt -just listened to the podcast, really enjoyable. Good to get to know you a bit more. Things that stuck with me was that my best today is not necessarily the best I could ever do AND I can improve tomorrow. I can identify with not being able to stick with a band when their format changes but the truth is we all grow in different directions.
    Zaskia is a good add to this podcast.



    1. Thanks man, glad you enjoyed the podcast. Zaskia is great and she’ll be on every episode.

  19. Sue Whitworth says :Reply

    Hiya Matt, loved the podcast. It was great to get away from the theory, the “work” of learning, but still stay in the zone.

    The comparison between the relationship of the player to the guitar of the new guitarist and the “old hand” was interesting.

    Also, the discussion regarding anxiety, and how and why we put these pressures upon ourselves resonated with me.

    Your young guest was delightful.

    How often are you going to have these podcasts?


    1. Hey, thanks for checking out, glad you enjoyed it. We’ll be releasing one per week, sometimes 2 if there’s a special episode.

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