Learn how to solo over Jazz chord progressions by mastering Jazz guitar arpeggios. Lessons include TAB, notation, and audio examples.

The Complete Guide to Triad Pairs

There are a number of ways to expand your vocabulary beyond scales on the guitar, and one of the most powerful is triad pairs. Triad pairs outline chord changes and use simple fingerings, while never sounding like running scales in your solos. In effect, you us 6 of the 7 notes of any diatonic scale,
Guitar triads are probably the first thing you learned how to play. C, G, Dm, Am, are all triads that guitarists learn in the first few days of picking up the instrument. But, while learning open-position chords is essential, the mistake guitarists make is to stop their study of triads at that point. By doing
I think you’ll agree, that the most direct way to solo over chord progressions is to use guitar arpeggios. By using arpeggios, you target chord tones for each change in the progression. While you can use arpeggios to hit every chord in your solos, that’s easier said than done. You often need to change arpeggios with