Along with chords, scales, and arpeggios, jazz improvisation skills are essential for any jazz guitarist. When soloing with scales and arpeggios the notes sound correct, but they lack that special something that makes you sound like your favorite guitarist. This special something is jazz vocabulary. Mixing jazz vocabulary with scales, chords, and arpeggios, builds a strong
I think you agree that jazz phrasing is an essential skill for any improviser to possess. You can play all the hip jazz lines you like, but if you don’t punctuate your phrases, or always play the same phrase lengths, then yourlicks become predictable a run-on sentence. While you may know that studying jazz phrasing
Guide tones are a topic that comes up early and often when learning how to play jazz guitar. These essential chord tones outline chord progressions in the smoothest way possible, and therefore are essential jazz guitar tools. While you may have read about guide tones, you might not know how these small musical devices can
One of the most important aspects of playing jazz guitar is building a confident and creative approach to jazz guitar soloing. While nobody wants to recite licks when soloing, you need to study the jazz tradition to allow the history of the genre to come through in your solos. To help you build your jazz