Advanced Jazz Guitar

The augmented scale is a symmetrical melodic device that is used to outline a maj7#5 sound in your guitar solos. Used mostly by jazz and fusion guitarists, this scale brings tension to your solos as you apply this hexatonic shape to major family chords. In this lesson, you learn how to build the augmented scale,
The tritone scale is a symmetrical scale that’s used to solo over dominant 7th chords when you want to bring out a 7alt sound in your solos. Built by playing two major triads a tritone apart, this scale creates a 7#11,b9 sound when applied to any 7th chords on guitar. In this lesson, you learn

The Complete Guide to Triad Pairs

There are a number of ways to expand your vocabulary beyond scales on the guitar, and one of the most powerful is triad pairs. Triad pairs outline chord changes and use simple fingerings, while never sounding like running scales in your solos. In effect, you us 6 of the 7 notes of any diatonic scale,
I think you agree that guitarists spend most of their time playing rhythm and chords in a group setting. Because of this, it’s essential to develop an understanding of chords, chord scales, and chord progressions in your studies. After learning chords, the most important next step is to run those shapes through chord scales. Chord scales are