Jazz Guitar Essentials

As the site has grown over the years, it’s tough to know where to start and go next on the site when working jazz guitar essentials.  To help you navigate every guitar lesson on the site, here’s a table of contents with links.  Just scroll down, find the topic you’re looking for, click the link, and you are right where you need to play better jazz guitar today.

Each lesson is also labeled by experience level to make it easy to find the right lesson for your stage of development:

B = Beginner
I = Intermediate
A= Advanced

The label is the minimum experience needed to study that lesson.  So, if a lesson is marked B, then any beginner, intermediate, or advanced player can work on that lesson.  If the lesson is marked I, then intermediate and advanced players will be able to study the material.

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Practice Tools

  1. 30 Minute Guitar Practice Routines (B)
  2. How to Learn Jazz Guitar the Definitive Guide (B)
  3. How to Play Jazz Guitar – A Practice Guide (B)
  4. The 3 Elements of Music (B)
  5. 7 Reasons You Should Read Music on Guitar (B)
  6. Practicing Guitar – Keeping a Positive Mindset (B)
  7. Beginner’s Guide to Jazz Guitar (B)
  8. 30 Days to Better Jazz Guitar (B)
  9. Jazz Guitar Practice Guide (B)


  1. Easy Guitar Scales and Modes (B)
  2. Pentatonic Scales (B)
  3. Blues Scales (B)
  4. Major Scale (B)
  5. Dorian Scale (B)
  6. Phrygian Scale (B)
  7. Lydian Scale (B)
  8. Mixolydian Scale (B)
  9. Aeolian Scale (B)
  10. Locrian Scale (B)
  11. Chromatic Scale (B)
  12. Complete Guide to Scales and Modes (I)
  13. Bebop Scales (I)
  14. Melodic Minor Scale (I)
  15. Lydian Dominant Scale (I)
  16. Altered Scale (I)
  17. Harmonic Minor (I)
  18. Phrygian Dominant Scale (I)
  19. Diminished Scales (I)
  20. Whole Tone Scale (I)
  21. Augmented Scale (A)
  22. Tritone Scale (A)


  1. Guitar Arpeggios Complete Guide (B)
  2. Complete Guide to Guitar Triads (I)
  3. Triad Pairs for Jazz Guitar (A)


  1. Guitar Chords for Beginners (B)
  2. Easy Jazz Guitar Chords (B)
  3. 3-Note Jazz Guitar Chords (B)
  4. Drop 2 Chords (B)
  5. Drop 3 Chords (B)
  6. Jazz Guitar Chords and Progressions (B) (I)
  7. Complete Guide to Chord Melody (I)
  8. Drop 2 & 4 Chords (I)
  9. Bass Lines – Walking and Comping on Guitar (I)
  10. Extended Chords – 9th, 11th, and 13th (I)
  11. Essential Chords Scales for Guitar (A)


  1. Easy Jazz Guitar Licks (B)
  2. Essential Jazz Lines – 6 Classic Licks (B)
  3. Guitar Techniques – 60 Scale Patterns (I)
  4. 141 Jazz Guitar Licks (I)

Learning Jazz Tunes

  1. Jazz Standards Study Guides (B)
  2. Jazz Blues Chords and Studies (B)
  3. Minor Jazz Blues Chords and Studies (B)
  4. 10 Beginning Jazz Standards and Chords (B)
  5. Easy Christmas Songs – Solo and Jazz Arrangements (B)
  6. Top 101 Jazz Standards and Practice Guide (I)
  7. Rhythm Changes – Essential Guide (I)


  1. Intro to Jazz Guitar Soloing (B)
  2. Intermediate Jazz Guitar Soloing Guide (I)
  3. Jazz Phrasing Guide (I)
  4. Guide Tone for Jazz Guitar Soloing (I)


  1. Jazz Rhythms for Soloing and Comping (B)
  2. Modern Time – Jazz Rhythm Essentials (B)
  3. Jazz Waltz – Jamming in 3/4 Time (I)
  4. Brazilian Jazz – A Performance Guide (I)


  1. Fretboard Mastery (B)
  2. Johnny Smith Interview (B)
  3. The Best Jazz Guitar for You (B)
  4. 10 Essential Jazz Guitar Albums (B)
  5. Fingerstyle Guitar Exercises (B)