Jazz Guitar Starter Kit

Jazz Starter Kit

"Clear and concise. Just what I’ve been looking for!" - Chuck

  • 10 eBooks (Printable PDF) | Instant delivery by Email
  • Dozens of Mp3 backing tracks and audio examples for easy practicing
  • Complete Jazz Standards (All Blues, Autumn Leaves, Blue Bossa, Summertime)
  • Dozens of Full Comping and Soloing Studies Over Jazz Standards
  • How to Solo Over Your Favorite Jazz Tunes
  • Play Jazz Chords With Confidence Over Any Standard
  • Essential Jazz Guitar Vocabulary
  • How to Turn Scales and Arpeggios Into Sophisticated Jazz Solos
  • Chord Lines in the Style of Joe Pass and Others
  • And much more!




Jazz Guitar Starter Kit includes:

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30 Days




Autumn Leaves




Chord Progressions




All Blues




Jazz Soloing




Practice Guide




Jazz Chords




Blue Bossa




Jazz Licks








Normally these books would cost you $120 if you bought them individually.


When you buy the Jazz Guitar Starter Kit, you get all 10 best-selling eBooks for only $24.99.

That’s a 80% savings, and $95 you get to keep in your pocket to put towards that new archtop guitar you’ve been looking at….

Learning jazz guitar can seem difficult and overwhelming if you have the wrong study material.

But, the Jazz Guitar Starter Kit has everything you need to play jazz guitar without stressing out or dealing with practice room frustration.

Grab your copy and level up your jazz guitar playing the fun and easy way today!

  • I love your workshops and Ebooks, Matt. Your the best teacher of jazz guitar that I’ve ever had and that’s saying something. - James
  • Just want to thank you for your ongoing lessons and website. I bought your jazz package not long ago and started with your shell chord book. Although not Barney Kessel( saw him in TO back in the day) yet ,my jazz voice has already improved by leaps and bounds over past attempts to switch from a rock/blues background. - David
  • Thanks for leading me to this jazz guitar starter kit. After grabbing this kit and review some of the ebooks with audio tracks, this is exactly what I’m looking for to start my jazz learning experience. I have some guitar fundamentals but jazz has been my long-time interest but didn’t know where to start. Now I know. Much thanks for all the excellent work creating the ebooks and audio tracks. - James

Jazz Standards Membership

Learn New Jazz Standards, Monthly!

What You Learn With Summertime Study Guide:

  • Full Analysis of the Song
  • Pentatonic Scale Vocabulary
  • Target Notes
  • Arpeggios for Soloing
  • Essential Licks
  • And much more!

What You Learn With Blue Bossa Study Guide:

  • Full Analysis of the Song
  • Bossa Comping
  • Samba Comping
  • Partido Alto Comping
  • Aeolian Mode Soloing
  • Harmonic Minor Soloing
  • Arpeggios for Soloing
  • Major and Minor ii V I Lines
  • And much more!

What You Learn With All Blues Study Guide:

  • Full Analysis of the Song
  • Guide Tones For Comping
  • Triads for Comping
  • Upper Structure Triads for Comping
  • Blues Scales
  • Triads for Soloing
  • Upper Structures for Soloing
  • Scales for Soloing
  • Extended Arpeggios for Soloing
  • And much more!

What You Learn With Autumn Leaves Study Guide:

  • Full Analysis of the Song
  • Major ii V IIV Soloing
  • Minor ii V I Soloing
  • iii VI ii V Vocabulary
  • 6 Essential ii V I Licks
  • And much more!

What You Learn With Jazz Guitar Practice Guide:

  • Analyze your playing to maximize your practice time
  • Emphasize your strengths and target your weaknesses
  • Comp, solo, and play the melody to any jazz standard from memory
  • Connect your ears and fingers in a meaningful way
  • Learn from your favorite jazz guitarists and recordings
  • All with easy to follow and apply exercises and practice plans
  • And much more...

What You Learn With Easy Jazz Guitar Soloing:

  • Jazzy Pentatonic Scales and Patterns
  • Essential Major and Minor Key Arpeggios and Patterns
  • How to Turn Scales Into Cool Jazz Lines and Solos
  • Guide Tones and Ornaments
  • How to Develop Engaging Phrases
  • Essential Soloing Rhythms
  • Articulation and Swing Feel
  • Accents and Creating Melodic Groove
  • How to Develop a Musical Motive
  • And much more...

What You Learn With Easy Jazz Guitar Licks:

  • Jazz blues licks
  • m7, 7th, maj7, m7b5, 7alt, and m6 licks
  • Short major and minor ii V I licks
  • Long major and minor ii V I licks
  • Tritone sub licks
  • Double-time licks
  • Full solos over jazz standards
  • How to solo over jazz standards using licks
  • The concepts behind every lick in this eBook
  • How to build your own jazz lines with these concepts
  • And much more…

What You Learn With Easy Jazz Guitar Chords:

  • Maj7, 6, m7, m7b5, 7, and 7alt shapes
  • Two positions for each chord
  • How to play jazz chords in all 12 keys
  • ii V I major and minor progressions in all keys
  • How to play chords over jazz songs
  • How to build rootless chords from shell shapes
  • And much more…

What You Learn With Easy Jazz Chord Progressions:

  • How to build each chord progression
  • Chords in multiple positions for each progression
  • Chord licks for chord melody and chord soloing
  • Chord patterns and arpeggiations
  • Voice leading concepts
  • Arpeggio shapes, one and two octaves, in multiple positions
  • Extended arpeggio shapes
  • Scales, one and two octaves, in multiple positions
  • Tetrachords and Coltrane patterns
  • Single note licks
  • Basslines
  • Lenny Breau Chords
  • Alternating single notes and chord soloing studies
  • And much more…

What You Learn With 30 Days to Better Jazz Guitar:

  • How to turn scales and arpeggios into bebop phrases
  • How to play jazz chords over ii V I changes and full tunes
  • How to walk basslines on guitar
  • How to jam on Summertime, Autumn Leaves and jazz blues
  • And more essential jazz guitar skills
  • And much more…