Fretboard Starter Kit

fretboard starter kit

"Books are clear with nice step by lessons, so you’re always learning, but not overwhelmed." - Kevin

  • 5 eBooks (Printable PDF) | Instant delivery by Email
  • Dozens of Mp3 backing tracks and audio examples for easy practicing
  • Minor and Major Pentatonic Scales
  • Rhythmic patterns
  • Picking patterns
  • Classic Box Patterns
  • Shifting Fingerings
  • 3-Octave Fingerings
  • How to Solo With Minor Pentatonic Scales
  • and much more ...




Fretboard Starter Kit includes:

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Power Pentatonics




Fretboard Mastery




Guitar Arpeggios




Scales and Modes




Major Scale Workout





I’ve spent 1000s of $$ on guitar learning products over the years and yours are by far the best I’ve seen in both comprehension and value.”

- Sean

The Pentatonic Book is an excellent example. As it happens I know my Pentatonic scales very well and while I am familiar with the material, I find it a great way to add structure to practicing these scales and strengthen the practical application of them. There is always something new to learn each time I go through it.”

- Luke

Jazz Standards Membership

Learn New Jazz Standards, Monthly!

What You Learn With Easy Guitar Scales and Modes:

  • Minor and Major Pentatonic Scales
  • Minor and Major Blues Scales
  • All 7 Major Scale Modes
  • All 7 Melodic Minor Modes
  • Harmonic Minor and Phrygian Dominant Scales
  • Harmonic Major Modes 1 and 5
  • Symmetrical Whole Tone and Diminished Scales
  • And much more….

What You Learn With Power Pentatonics:

  • Classic Box Patterns
  • Shifting Fingerings
  • 3-Octave Fingerings
  • How to Solo With Minor Pentatonic Scales
  • How to Solo with Major Pentatonic Scales
  • Traditional Diatonic Patterns
  • Modern Diatonic Patterns
  • Traditional Chromatic Patterns
  • Modern Chromatic Patterns
  • Repeating Patterns
  • Essential Pentatonic Vocabulary and Licks
  • Major Blues Soloing Exercises
  • Minor Blues Soloing Exercises
  • Full Major and Minor Blues Solos
  • Modal Pentatonic Scales
  • Pentatonic Pairs for Soloing
  • And much more!

What You Learn in Easy Guitar Arpeggios:

  • What is an arpeggio
  • How to practice arpeggios
  • Triad Shapes
  • 4-Note Arpeggios
  • Arpeggios up to the 9th
  • Arpeggios up to the 11th
  • Arpeggios up to the 13th
  • Arpeggio Studies in 12 keys
  • Easy to understand theory background
  • And much more…

What You Learn With the Major Scale Workout:

  • What is a major scale?
  • How to build a major scale?
  • Rhythmic patterns
  • Picking patterns
  • Fretboard knowledge workout
  • Ear training exercises
  • Soloing exercises
  • Essential major scale fingerings
  • Digital major scale patterns
  • Interval patterns
  • Triad patterns
  • Arpeggio patterns
  • Mixed scale and triad or arpeggio patterns
  • And much more...

What you learn with Fretboard Mastery:

  • All the white notes of the piano on guitar
  • All the black notes of the piano on guitar
  • Key signatures and methods to find keys quickly
  • Every note on the guitar with #’s and b’s
  • Scales on one string
  • Arpeggios on one string
  • How to use soloing to learn the notes on guitar
  • Interval recognition in multiple positions
  • Keys in positions
  • And much more…