Jazz Comping and Soloing Pack

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Jazz Comping and Soloing Pack

  • 2 eBooks (Printable PDF) | Instant delivery by Email
  • 327 Page Printable PDF eBooks
  • 205 Audio Examples (Mp3 for looping and slowing down)
  • Backing Tracks for Easy Practicing
  • Easy to Understand Theory Concepts
  • Hundreds of Musical Examples
  • Dozens of Fun and Essential Soloing Exercises
  • Much More!




What You Learn With Jazz Soloing

  • Jazzy Pentatonic Scales and Patterns
  • Essential Major and Minor Key Arpeggios and Patterns
  • How to Turn Scales Into Cool Jazz Lines and Solos
  • Guide Tones and Ornaments
  • How to Develop Engaging Phrases
  • Essential Soloing Rhythms
  • Articulation and Swing Feel
  • Accents and Creating Melodic Groove
  • How to Develop a Musical Motive
  • And More!

PDF of Easy Jazz Guitar Soloing

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What You Learn With Jazz Comping

  • Chord Colors and Extensions
  • Comping Rhythms
  • Jazz Picking Patterns
  • Chromatic Chord Ornaments
  • Adding Chords/Subs
  • Jazz Standard Technical Studies
  • Jazz Comping Studies
  • Essential Jazz Chord Shapes
  • And much more!

PDF of Easy Jazz Guitar Comping

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Why wait another minute to elevate your comping and soloing to the next level?

Don’t waste another second in the practice room working on useless exercises and never sounding like a jazz guitarist.

We can’t all be Joe Pass or George Benson.


That doesn’t mean you can’t create fun, memorable, and sophisticated jazz performances with your own musical voice.

The material in these eBooks allows you to become the best jazz guitarist you can be, and you have a ton of fun along the way.

Can’t beat that!

Grab your copy of the Jazz Comping and Soloing Pack and take the best step towards reaching your full musical potential today.

  • I send so many people to your site because of the books regardless of what style they want to play or level. The entire series should be available in music stores everywhere. They are the closest thing to the perfect guitar method, and honestly I’m not trying to blow smoke. Thanks for putting so much into them! - Shawn
  • Hi Matt, I can only say that your books are brilliant and great to follow, for someone like me enthusiastic beginner. At the moment I’m using your “Easy Major ii-V-I comping” and ” Easy Minor ii-V-I comping” almost on a daily basis for my memory enhancement, practise. There is so much for me to take on that with the books I have from you, I am trying to sort the really required from all the info to what I need. My goal is “chord melody and walking bass”, before I die, so I’m always looking for the next book but not sure yet what it will be. Thanks for all and keep the good books coming. Regards - Stuart