Bossa Nova Pack

" Your style of teaching is a paradigm shift to the world of Jazz" - Roberto 

  • 6 eBooks (Printable PDF) | Instant delivery by Email
  • Dozens of Mp3 backing tracks and audio examples for easy practicing
  • 5 classic bossa nova songs
  • Essential Brazilian rhythms soloing concepts
  • Scales for soloing
  • Chord soloing study
  • Picking technique study
  • And much more!




Bossa Nova Pack includes:

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Black Orpheus




Blue Bossa








Girl From Ipanema




How Insensitive









Matt, You are the best-I've been playing over 50yrs and have collected hundreds of books articles etc. but no one covers the various subjects as well as you.”

- Vince T.

I've purchased a bunch of your ebooks in the last few days. Obviously I haven't had time to run through everything in them yet, but from what I have reviewed I'm absolutely astounded at how good they are.”

- James L.

What You Learn With Wave Study Guide:

  • Bossa Nova Comping
  • Single Note Ornaments
  • Arpeggios for Soloing
  • Dim7 Lines
  • Short ii V Vocabulary
  • Expanded Arpeggios
  • And much more…

What You Learn With Black Orpheus Study Guide:

  • Samba Comping Patterns
  • Samba Scale Patterns
  • Scales for Soloing
  • Arpeggios for Soloing
  • Major and Minor ii V I Lines
  • Samba Arpeggio Patterns
  • And much more…

What You Learn With Blue Bossa Study Guide:

  • 5 Brazilian Rhythms for Comping
  • Modal Soloing Patterns
  • Harmonic Minor Soloing Concepts
  • Partido Alto Comping
  • Aeolian Mode Soloing
  • Harmonic Minor Soloing
  • And much more…

What You Learn With Corcovado Study Guide:

  • Guide Tones and Chromatic Ornaments
  • Essential Lines
  • Soloing and Comping Studies
  • Scales for Soloing
  • Corcovado Licks
  • Corcovado Arpeggios
  • And much more…

What You Learn With Girl From Ipanema Study Guide:

  • Brazilian Scale Patterns
  • Brazilian Arpeggio Patterns
  • Mike Stern and Stan Getz Solos
  • Scales and Modes for Soloing
  • Soloing Ornaments
  • Brazilian ii bII I Licks
  • And much more…

What You Learn With How Insensitive Study Guide:

  • Transcription Study
  • Pentatonic Scales for Soloing
  • Solo Guitar Study
  • Bossa Nova Rhythms
  • Samba Rhythms
  • Triads for Soloing
  • And much more…