Tritone Scale

Though it is not as well known or regularly used as its cousins the Minor Pentatonic and Major Scales, the Tritone Scale is a unique sound that can add an extra spice to your solos and compositions.

The Tri-Tone Scale has 6 notes, and they are arranged as such.


Root – m2nd – M3rd – D5th – P5th – m7th


So, for example, a C Tritone Scale would be spelled with the following notes:


C – Db – E – Gb – G – Bb


Because the Tritone Scale is built out of two Major Triads, one one the root (C in this case) and one on the diminished 5th (Gb in this case), you can use this scale to solo of 7(b9,#11) chords.

The following Tritone Scales are written out in the key of C, but make sure you practice them in all keys so you have them at your fingertips no matter what key you’re soloing in.

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Tritone Scale One Octave


Tri Tone Scales One Octave


Tritone Scale Two Octaves


Tri Tone Scale Two Octaves


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  1. ehud kano, August 29, 2012:

    Hey Matt, I think there’s a typo in the two octave fingerings… Both examples are identical…

  2. Matthew Warnock, August 29, 2012:

    Nice catch, I changed it up, cheers.

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