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Play Better Jazz Guitar in 30 Days

As someone who has studied music most of my life, and spent the last 17 years studying jazz guitar, I know that it’s sometimes hard to find new material to work on, figure out where to go next in our learning path or just open our ears and minds to new ideas on the instrument.





Because of this, I decided to put together a little project, where each day for a whole month I will post a short lesson on a different topic, and throughout the month cover all of the jazz guitar basics such as chords, scales, triads, arpeggios, ear training, repertoire and the ever dreaded sight reading.

The goal of this project is to not only give you 30 days of material to practice, but hopefully these articles will open your ears and minds up to new possibilities on the instrument and provide hours, weeks or month of further practicing when the month is over.

Also, a few of these items will be difficult for some of us to do, like sight reading or singing harmony, but don’t let that deter you. The things that are hardest to work on are usually the most beneficial to our playing, so stick with it even when you feel you can’t do something right away, or after more than a few tries. The effort will be worth it in the long run.

Each day a new article will be posted and linked to this page, if you don’t want to wait around for it to show up, usually around 9am EST, you can subscribe to my RSS Feed or follow me on Facebook or Twitter, to catch each article as soon as they go live.

This has been a fun project to put together so I hope you enjoy working through it as much as I did putting it together.

Grab your guitar, plug into your favorite amp and get ready to Play Better Jazz Guitar in 30 Days!


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The 30 Days


Day 1: How to Practice Major Scale Modes for Jazz Guitar

Day 2: Practicing Dominant Cylces to Become a Better Jazz Guitarist

Day 3: The Rolle: Building Dexterity and Finger Control for Jazz Guitarists

Day 4: The Importance of Accents in Jazz Guitar Improvisation

Day 5: 9 Ways to Add Melodic Minor to Your Jazz Guitar Practice Routine

Day 6: Play Major Blues Tunes Like Your Favorite Jazz Guitarist

Day 7: 5 Exercises to Help You Learn Extended Arpeggios for Jazz Guitar

Day 8: Spice Up Your Jazz Guitar Solos With the Pentatonic b9 Scale

Day 9: 5 Easy Exercises to Learn Drop 2 Chords for Jazz Guitar

Day 10: How to Learn Minor Blues Tunes for Jazz Guitar

Day 11: How 3 to 7 Triads Can Make Your Jazz Guitar Solos More Interesting

Day 12: Bebop Scale Patterns for Jazz Guitar

Day 13: 9 Ways to Master the Harmonic Minor Scale for Jazz Guitar

Day 14: How to Practice Drop 3 Chords for Jazz Guitar

Day 15: 5 Easy Ways to Solo Over Major ii-V-I’s for Jazz Guitar

Day 16: Maximize Your Comping with 2 Note Jazz Guitar Chords

Day 17: How to Learn Standard Tunes for Jazz Guitar

Day 18: Sight Reading Exercises for Jazz Guitar

Day 19: What Are 4th Voicings and How Can They Effect Your Jazz Guitar Playing

Day 20: How to Practice Harmonic Major Modes for Jazz Guitar

Day 21: Train Your Ears to Become a Better Jazz Guitarist

Day 22: Discover a New Harmonic Direction with 3 to 9 Arpeggios

Day 23: 5 Exercises to Master Jazz Guitar Chord Scales

Day 24: How to Learn Bebop Tunes for Jazz Guitar

Day 25: How to Transcribe Your Favorite Jazz Guitar Solo

Day 26: 5 Exercises to help Jazz Guitarists Read Changes

Day 27: What is the Charleston Rhythm and How Can it Help Your Jazz Guitar Playing

Day 28: Minor ii-V-I Chords: Using Parallel m7b5 Arpeggios to Spice Up Your Jazz Guitar Solos

Day 29: How to Learn Modern Jazz Tunes for Jazz Guitar

Day 30: 4 Vocal Exercises That Will Improve Your Jazz Guitar Playing


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  2. Mohammed, January 18, 2015:

    May GOD bless you….We’re starving for such informations & knowledge ……To thank you that much is never enough for sharing & caring …..To share & give comes from ANGELS UP ABOVE….Long life to you&to AMERICA…. ALWAYS BLEUSY&JAZZY…..Qthy……

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