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101 Jazz Guitar Licks

251 Jazz Guitar Chords 

Matt Warnock Guitar Jazz Scales App





30 Days to Better Jazz Guitar

Building Bebop Vocabulary Volume 1: Mastering the m7 Chord for Jazz Guitar

Building Bebop Vocabulary Volume 2: Dominate Dominant 7th Chords

Modern Time: Rhythmic Foundations for the Improvising Musician


Video Lessons


One-On-One Skype Jazz Guitar Video Lessons

Custom Made Jazz Guitar Video Lessons

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  1. Dolf Schaller, June 18, 2012:


    you play amazing this Ed Bickert Voicings – many years ago i hear Bickert with Paul Desmond. Wooh! I play different Archtops
    but because i love Bickert and Ted Greene i bay a new Tele 60annivrsery. Very fine Guitar— Can you help me with some Papers or a book to find the”Key” of Ed Bickert`s Voicings.
    I can you pay with PayPal
    Thanks a lod Dolf Schaller Rainstrasse17 Unterägeri Switzerland

  2. Matthew Warnock, June 18, 2012:

    Hey here are two transcriptions that you can check out, hope they help!

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