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Jazz Guitar Lick of the Day Series

In an effort to provide a variety of teaching material to the readers of my site, I’ve started a new Lick of the Day video/tab series over at the Matt Warnock Guitar Facebook Page.

Everyday I’ll be posting either the notation or a video of a particular jazz guitar lick for you to check out.

If you’re over at my FB page and you dig the lick, you can like the page to follow each new lick on your FB news feed.


Jazz Piano Licks on Guitar


Bill Evans Triad Chord Lick

Wynton Kelly “Freddie Freeloader” Eb7 Lick

McCoy Tyner on Blues for Gwen

Jazz Guitar ii-V-I Licks


Wes Montgomery Back Cycle ii-V-I Lick

John Coltrane “Take the Coltrane ii-V-I” Lick

Pat Martino Airegin ii-V-I

Clifford Brown Night in Tunisia ii-V-I

Ed Bickert I’m Old Fashioned I-VI-ii-V

Pat Metheny ii-V-I Chromatic Approach

Ray Nance from Take the A Train


Brazilian Jazz Guitar Licks

Raphael Rabello Cadenza on Luiza


Jazz Guitar ScaleĀ  Licks


C7 Dominant Bebop Scale Video Lick

Jim Hall Open String Lick From St. Thomas

Eb7 Warnock Lydian Dominant Lick

John Coltrane Lick from Blue Train


Jazz Guitar Chord Licks


Lenny Breau Chordal Cadence

Johnny Smith Moonlight in Vermont Cadence

Jim Hall Double Stop Autumn Leaves Lick

Lenny Breau Chord Walk-Up From “Lenny’s Theme”

Joe Pass Cycle Lick from Have You Met Miss Jones


Jazz Guitar Blues Licks


George Benson Major Blues Video Lick

Wes Montgomery Movin’ Along Eb7 Lick

Sonny Rollins Minor Blues Lick from Keep Hold of Yourself

George Benson V-I Lick from Billie’s Bounce

Wes Montgomery Eb7 Arpeggio Blues Lick

Cannonball Adderley on Freddie Freeloader

Wes Montgomery D Natural Blues bII Lick


Jazz Fusion Guitar Licks


Allan Holdsworth C#m7 Lick From Proto Cosmos

Guthrie Govan Mixolydian Lick


Jazz Guitar Modal Licks


Miles Davis Dm7 from So What

Lenny Breau Side Stepping 4th Arpeggios

George Benson Phrygian So What Lick

Pat Martino Cm7 Lick from Oleo

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  1. kb, June 26, 2012:

    Nice lick-library; but I never play licks from Mr. X,Y,Z,
    it stops creativity and the source of Jazz is creativity.

  2. ColinO, July 3, 2012:

    By that line of thinking, you could never play the same line twice even if you invented it because you would no longer be being creative. And you could never use a ii V I progression or play a blues.

    You shouldn’t play only licks or even mostly licks. But if you never play them, then you are missing out.

  3. Kyle R., August 29, 2012:

    Music is a language that you learn by imitation. If you are not learning and using licks which other people have played then you haven’t fully learned. The important thing is not being completely new. It’s finding new ways to use the things you know.

  4. mississippi, September 12, 2012:


    Could you do Amazing Grace, please. Or if you have it some where else please let me know.


  5. Matthew Warnock, September 12, 2012:

    hey, I’ll try and do something on that coming up, in the meantime check out this arrangement that you might like.

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