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When building this website I wanted it to not only allow people to learn more about me and what I do as a performer, teacher and music journalist, I wanted to provide free, easy to access resources for guitarists of all levels, backgrounds and musical tastes to be able to learn from and add to their practice routines.

Below you will find links to all of the jazz guitar resources that I currently have on the site. New items are added every week so check back often for updates. As well, if you want to see something on the site that isn’t already here, please feel from the send me an email on my contact page, or comment on any page on the site with your suggestion and I’ll check it out.

Thanks for checking out my guitar resources and I hope you enjoy!




Jazz Guitar Arpeggio Fingerings





Jazz Guitar Chord Voicings





Jazz Guitar Scale Fingerings


Major Modes




Melodic Minor Modes





Harmonic Minor Modes





Harmonic Major Modes





Blues Scales





Pentatonic Scales





Symmetrical Scales





Bebop Scales



Jazz Guitar Triad Fingerings



Do you have any questions about these jazz guitar resources? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Al lopez, June 10, 2011:

    Many Thanks! Greatly appreciated. I wish the world had more people like you.

  2. Matt Warnock, June 10, 2011:

    Np al glad you dig this stuff!

  3. Kevin Mahoney, November 3, 2011:

    Hello, my friend.

    Where are you, and what cha doin’? I’m coming around the final bend of this crazy science stuff, and will soon be able to return to fulltime guitaring dreams. I see Dan’s new shop and website are awesome. We were very sorry not to be able to attend the opening; the photos look like it was a good party. After some time of full-time focus on neurology, anatomy, motor and neurologic disorder vocabulary, I’m finally in a spot where I can play my guitar a little each time. It feels like I’m starting over, AGAIN. I hope all is well. I’ll see you when you hit Macomb, that is if you ever come back.

  4. Matt Warnock, November 3, 2011:

    Hey Kevin,
    Glad to hear from you! Hopefully you can jump back in the guitar game now that things are finally settling down. I’m sorry I missed Dan’s opening too, the pics I saw looked like it was a huge success!

    Don’t know when I’ll get back to Macomb, no time soon for sure, but if and when I do we’ll have to hang out!

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