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Beginner’s Guitar to Jazz Guitar FREE!


Learning how to play jazz guitar means exploring chords, soloing ideas, common chord progressions and bass lines in the practice room.

This 82 page FREE jazz guitar eBook is designed to teach you all those concepts and more.


  • Printable PDF Format
  • Almost 100 Musical Examples
  • Tab and Notation
  • Easy to Apply Jazz Guitar Concepts
  • Dozens of Audio Examples
  • And Much More!


In this Essential Jazz Guitar Guide you will learn how to:


  • Play Drop 3 Chords on Guitar
  • Play Drop 2 Chords on Guitar
  • Play ii V I Chord Progressions in multiple positions and on different string sets
  • Solo over m7, 7th and Maj7 chords using scales, arpeggios, licks and common Bebop guitar vocabulary
  • Improvise over Major ii V I chords using arpeggios, licks, scales and the Bebop language
  • Walk basslines over ii V I chords in both half time and walking time feel


Subscribers also get a Bonus Chapter that is not online, “5 Essential ii V I Licks For Jazz Guitar.”

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