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Custom Jazz Guitar Video Lessons

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    Matt Warnock

    Hey Everyone

    Here is the discussion thread for the Custom Jazz Guitar Video Lessons. Feel free to post any questions or comments you have about these lessons below.



    Had my first Skype Lesson with Matt last night, and it worked really great!

    It’s amazing how much you can learn in 30 mins! – much to thank to Matt’s organization and knowledge; he clearly knows what he’s doing – and I believe he enjoys a lot teaching, too! :)

    To me it was a great wake up call, comparing the things I know when practicing alone with the things I’m able to produce with a teacher in front of me, on the spot!

    It was 30 mins and now I feel like I have material to work for some 30 hours ’til the next lesson, next week…!

    Love it and wanted to share with you Gents – Thanks, Matt, that was super!!


    PS: anyone considering these lessons give them a go! best value for money I found (I sure spent some ;)


    Matt Warnock

    Thanks Joao, glad you enjoyed the lesson! You are a very nice player, and I’m looking forward working with you on your exams and other material. Abs!


    Thanks, Matt!!

    I re-read my first post and, wow, I need to clarify one thing!

    When I said ….

    “PS: anyone considering these lessons give them a go! best value for money I found (I sure spent some ;)”

    …I meant that I sure spent some money on previous online lessons and methods – and NOT on my lesson with you 8-!
    Sorry about that!


    Matt Warnock

    I totally understood what you meant, no worries! :)


    Britt Reed

    Most Cool!!!


    Thanks again, Britt
    Actually just finished reviewing the video lesson to see what I may be missing… and I’m counting the days to the next lesson, too ;)


    (I realized I started posting these replies under the wrong topic – maybe they should have gone under the skype video lessons topic)

    …but, had my 2nd lesson yesterday and, boy, I’m so happy with these lessons. This is exactly what I needed and was hoping to get – and so I’m writing here in case any of you fellas are thinking about going this same road :) go for it!

    Matt, I hope you may keep doing this great work for a long time. From one music teacher to another I really admire your level of organization and professionalism 8-) (and knowledge! … :)

    Thank You!


    Matt Warnock

    Thanks Joao, you can post here no problem. Been great working with you and seeing your progress already, even after only 2 lessons! Keep working hard and your progress will continue. :)


    Hi Matt, thanks for Lesson 3! I’m having a blast, but even better I feel a real support on your end;
    and it’s great to have a week ahead of work already programmed :)

    Also, having to play ‘live’ for you each week seems like an eye-opener and a good training to the exam – when the time arrives.

    Big Thanks!!


    Matt Warnock

    Great lesson man! Very fun watching your progress, some very nice playing. This week the melody note is the key! :)

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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