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There are three main elements of music: Harmony, Melody and Rhythm.


These three items form the foundation of modern music, including jazz.


Now, ask yourself, what order do you place these items in the practice room


When I ask this question in workshops, the answer is always the same. 


  1. Harmony
  2. Melody
  3. Rhythm.


But, is this the best order of focus to get the most out of your practicing?


After teaching jazz for 20 years, I realized that many students struggle with time and rhythm.


Even though they understand harmonic and melodic material, their rhythmic control isn’t on par with their lines and chords.


For this reason, I always put a strong focus on rhythmic material with my students, which has produced real results in their playing.


After teaching this material privately, I’ve brought this it together into one book for the first time.


This book helps you develop a solid understanding of how rhythms work and how to integrate rhythmic motives into your playing. 


Each concept is easy to understand and accompanied by exercises that develop your rhythmic control.


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When Buying Modern Time You Get


  • Printable PDF Format
  • 125 Pages of Lessons, Exercises and Musical Examples
  • Over 135 Musical Examples in Notation and Tablature
  • Over 130 Audio Examples 
  • 19 Backing Tracks to Maximum Practice Efficiency
  • And much more!



If you want to bring your jazz guitar rhythm playing to the next level, check out “Modern Time: Rhythmic Fundamentals for the Improvising Musician.”


For less than the price of a private lesson you get a lifetime’s worth of practical practice material.


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Modern Time Lesson Topics Include


  • Rhythmic Pairing
  • Rhythmic Retrograde
  • Rhythmic Mirroring
  • Rhythmic Transposition
  • Rhythmic Accents
  • Bossa Nova and Samba
  • Choro and Baiáo
  • Montuno and Claves



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What People Are Saying About Modern Time


“The subject of rhythmic motivic development is often neglected in most jazz education courses. This book goes a long way towards remedying that.

The material is laid out in a lucid, articulate and thorough manner, and gives the student the tools they need to progress in this important area.” – Ben Monder (David Bowie)



“This is a terrific book by one of the best teachers I know, on one of the most important and often overlooked elements of jazz improvisation – rhythm!

Matt takes you on a well organized, progressive and creative journey right from the most fundamental rhythmic concepts through advanced rhythms and concepts that are the heart of improvised music today.

An absolutely essential book to check out.” – Roddy Ellias (Concordia University)



“Matt’s new book presents the basic elements of rhythm, then offers systematic approaches to developing and manipulating rhythmic motives, accents, and groupings.

The book is systematic, logical, and developmental – allowing one to apply progressively more sophisticated concepts.” – John Stein (Berklee College)


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