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Jazz Standard Study Guides

Learning how to play jazz guitar is often overwhelming.


There are countless scales, chords, arpeggios, and licks to learn.


So where do you start and how do you stay organized in your practice routine with so much to learn?




The best way to learn jazz guitar is to work on tunes.


Jazz standards keep you focused in the practice room, teach you practical application of techniques, and give you tunes to jam on with other musicians.


Everything you need to jam at home, or on the bandstand, can be learned by studying jazz standards.




What’s the best way to break down and learn jazz tunes in the practice room?


The answers are found in each of these jazz standard study guides.


Each volume in this series breaks down the chords, form, keys, and teaches you how to comp the chords and solo over those progressions with confidence.


There are technical items such as scales and arpeggios, as well as musical items such as soloing and comping studies, in each of these eBooks.


Everything you need to jam on these tunes with confidence.


If you’re struggling in the practice room, or don’t know where to start when learning jazz standards, these eBooks are just what you need to kick start your playing.


Note: To avoid copyright issues, the melody is not included in these eBooks.




What You Get With Each Study Guide


  • Printable PDF eBook.
  • Mp3 Audio Examples.
  • Backing Tracks to Jam Over.
  • Comping Studies.
  • Soloing Studies.
  • Essential Licks.
  • Harmonic Analysis.
  • Scale/Arpeggio/Chord Shapes.
  • Essential Rhythms.
  • And More!



What You Learn With Each Study Guide


  • Breakdown of the Keys and Chord Progression.
  • Improvisational Vocabulary and Concepts.
  • Scale Shapes and Scale Soloing Guide.
  • Arpeggio Shapes and Exercises.
  • Soloing Studies.
  • Comping Studies.
  • And much more…




Jazz Standard Study Guides


Each guide is a stand-alone study resource that provides everything you need to understand how to comp and solo over your favorite jazz standards.


All for the low price of $9.99.


Download a sample PDF from the Corcovado Study Guide.



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  1. Rand Dannenberg, March 27, 2017:

    Hi – because of Matt’s tune of the month lessons, I bought the Corcovado guide so I could get everything concatenated in one place. The lesson on FB are so valuable and the guide memorializes them. I especially liked the sheet with the chords, and written under the chords, recommended scales to use over portions of the tune. It is a double whammy because you get a harmonic analysis and the scale (sophisticated yet made easy) to actually experiment with at the same time and you can just start playing or even use it as a reminder if you play out. On the next page, provided fingerings of the scales. So I printed the sheet to leave in front of me as I move through the book on the iPad. I feel I cannot find this level of instruction anywhere… you just can’t find it anywhere at this depth of knowledge and with such good materials to communicate it. Combined with the facebook lessons, this is an unheard of good deal I have never found in any other medium or with any other person.

  2. Kirk Stephenson, April 4, 2017:

    It’s remarkable to find an answer to all my questions about playing jazz in one place.
    Matt is a natural educator & has provided a ton of resources to really enable me to be everything I always wanted to be.
    The guy is answering my questions online & showing me how to improve my playing. He’s got a good way of making complicated stuff seem easier. I’ve been playing for over 40 years & this is the best online resource I’ve seen delivered by a top class educationalist. thanks buddy, buy you a beer one day!

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