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Easy Jazz Chord Progressions

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Right from day 1 learning jazz guitar, you quickly realize that jazz chord progressions are an essential part of playing in this style.


You hear people talking about ii V I’s, backdoor ii V’s, turnarounds, dominant cycles, and more.


But, while you hear about these progressions, you don’t know what they are or don’t know how to play them on guitar.


Not to worry, you’re not alone, and this eBook is here to help.


If you’ve ever looked at a jazz lead sheet and thought,


“Wow, there are so many chords and I have no idea how they fit together.”


Or, you worked hard to learn a jazz tune, then moved to the next song and felt like you were starting from scratch.


Or, you tried to play a jazz standard but couldn’t keep up with the chords in your comping or soloing.


Then the Easy Jazz Chords Progressions eBook is just what you need to make playing jazz tunes fun and stress free.


Jazz chord progressions aren’t normally described as easy, and if you don’t have the right tools in your vocabulary they never will be.


But, with the right concepts and efficient exercises, you can make any jazz chord progression easy in your comping and soloing.


The material in Easy Jazz Chord Progressions does just that.


It gives you everything you need to master jazz chord progressions, and in turn jazz standards, with fun and beneficial exercises.


Never get handcuffed when reading or learning a new jazz standard again.


Get your copy of Easy Jazz Chord Progressions and take your playing to the next level today.




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The 12 Essential Chord Progressions


Here are the 12 essential jazz chord progressions that you learn in this 170-page eBook.


By working on these 12 progressions you learn to recognize, comp, and solo over countless jazz standards that are built with these changes.


  1. Major ii V I
  2. Minor ii V I
  3. Major Turnaround
  4. Minor Turnaround
  5. Mixed ii V I Number 1
  6. Mixed ii V I Number 2
  7. Backdoor ii V I
  8. Take the A Train
  9. Rhythm Changes Bridge
  10. Turnaround to the iim7 Chord
  11. From IVmaj7 to Imaj7
  12. Minor Cliché




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What You Learn With Easy Jazz Chord Progressions


  • How to build each chord progression.
  • Chords in multiple positions for each progression.
  • Chord licks for chord melody and chord soloing.
  • Chord patterns and arpeggiations.
  • Voice leading concepts.
  • Arpeggio shapes, one and two octaves, in multiple positions.
  • Extended arpeggio shapes.
  • Scales, one and two octaves, in multiple positions.
  • Tetrachords and Coltrane patterns.
  • Single note licks.
  • Basslines.
  • Lenny Breau Chords.
  • Alternating single notes and chord soloing studies.
  • And much more…




What You Get With Easy Jazz Chord Progressions


  • 170 Page Printable PDF
  • 156 Mp3 Audio Examples
  • 12 Backing Tracks – 1 For Each Progression
  • 178 Musical Examples With Tab and Notation
  • Easy to understand theory and musical concepts.
  • And more…



Learning to play jazz guitar means learning jazz standards, and learning jazz standards means learning jazz chord progressions.


By studying these 12 essential jazz chord progressions, you build your confidence when soloing or comping over any jazz standard in a jam or on a gig.


Don’t wait, pick up your copy of Easy Jazz Chord Progressions and take your jazz comping and soloing to the next level today.




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