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Reading music is like kryptonite for many guitarists.


They play well in any situation, except when it comes to reading.


Then things fall apart.


This is summed up in the old joke:



“How do you get a guitarist to stop playing? Put music in front of them.”



Reading music on guitar can be intimidating.


It can seem like an impossible task to even know where to get started.




It doesn’t have to be that way.


In fact, learning how to read music can be fun and exciting.


You just need material that guides you in the right direction.


This eBook does just that.


It builds a solid musical foundation that sets you off on a lifetime of reading enjoyment. 


Learning how to read music does take time and effort to get down.


But, the material in this eBook speeds up that process.


It also takes the stress out of reading notes on the guitar.


What more could you want when learning to read notes on the fretboard?




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What You Get With Guitar Reading Essentials


  • 141 page PDF eBook (printable).
  • Mp3 audio files for rhythms and rhythmic study.
  • Musical examples in notation only to promote reading.
  • Fun exercises to learn to read in all positions and keys.
  • Reading studies to test your note and rhythm recognition.
  • And more…




What You Learn in Guitar Reading Essentials


  • How to read notes across the whole guitar.
  • How to read essential rhythms including dots and ties.
  • How to identify and play accidentals and form markings.
  • How to read double stops, triads, and chords on guitar.
  • How to read in scale positions.
  • And much more…




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Learning to read music opens many new doors in your playing, you know that.


Learning to read music is also frustrating on a good day, you’ve been there.


But, learning how to read doesn’t have to be complicated and stressful.


In fact, with the right material, learning to read music can be easy and fun.


Why stress yourself out in the practice room trying to learn to read on your own?


And, why put off learning how to read music because it looks too challenging?


With this eBook, you learn how to read and enjoy the process at the same time.


That’s a practice room win-win if I ever saw one.




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