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Some guitarists who can hear anything once and immediately play it on the guitar.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a chord, progression, riff, solo, rhythm, or anything really; they hear it and they can play it.




Not everyone is born with such gifted ears.


For the rest of us, learning to recognize music by ear means a lot of hard work in the practice room.


We need to spend time recognizing notes, intervals, rhythms, chords, progressions, and more in our daily workouts.


While you know that ear training is essential, you probably find it boring or frustrating to train your ears.


I know I used to feel that way.


That is, until I discovered exercises that not only allowed me to play anything I heard on guitar, they made ear-training fun to work on every day.


This is what you find inside Essential Ear Training, engaging ear-training exercises that make you look forward to your daily ear-training workout.


Ear training is essential, but it doesn’t have to be tedious or frustrating.


Instead, you should be excited to work on ear training every day.


The Essential Ear Training eBook shows you how to do just that.




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What You Learn with Essential Ear Training


  • How to sing and play back notes, rhythms, and chords.
  • How to recognize chords and intervals by ear.
  • How to transcribe melodies, chords, licks, and solos.
  • How to develop note and rhythm memory.
  • And much more…




What You Get With Essential Ear Training


  • 60 Page Printable PDF
  • Mp3 Audio Examples
  • Example licks, chords, progressions, and solos to transcribe.
  • Dozens of partner and solo ear training exercises.
  • Easy to understand and follow ear training guidelines.
  • And more…




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Not being able to recognize notes, chords, progressions, and rhythms by ear is frustrating for any musician.


You spend hours learning from online tab and chord charts, which are full of mistakes, rather than quickly learning music by ear.


No matter where you are today, there’s no reason that you can’t learn to recognize and play notes, chords, and rhythms by ear.


It just takes time in the practice room and the right exercises to get your ears to where you want them to be.


Essential Ear Training does just that; it takes your ears to the next level with fun and easy to do exercises.


Don’t waste another day in the practice room wishing you were able to learn your favorite songs, riffs, and solos by ear.


Start today by adding the Essential Ear Training eBook and exercises to your practice routine.


Your ears will thank you.




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  1. Oleg B., August 15, 2017:

    Thank you , Matt! I just got the book and went over real quick.. it was long awaiting topic and you presented it as only you can do with a step by step explanations from basic exercise for beginners to complex tasks for advanced players. As always the book is easy to read and hard to put aside!:) Absolutely the MUST to have!

  2. Peter, August 17, 2017:

    This is the most important and best book in a series of Matt’s most important and best books.

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