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Easy Jazz Guitar Licks

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Improvising is one of the main reasons guitarists want to play jazz.


While you may love the sound of Joe Pass soloing over standards, it’s hard to know where to start in your own jazz soloing studies.


There’s a long list of scales, arpeggios, patterns, and more to learn before you think you can improvise, which is overwhelming.




Learning to create a cool-sounding jazz solo doesn’t have to be stressful or beyond your abilities as a guitarist.


If fact, learning how to solo can be fun and easier than you think.


You just need to learn essential vocabulary and break it down to create your own lines with those building blocks.


The Easy Jazz Licks eBook teaches you to do this.




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The material in this eBook gets you playing jazz licks, phrases, solos, and songs right from the start.


You don’t learn dry-sounding scales and arpeggios, but ways to spice up the scales and arpeggios you already know in a jazzy way.


By studying classic jazz licks over standard chords and progressions, you directly learn how to create great-sounding lines.


From there, you use the concepts behind these licks to build your own lines in the style of legendary players.


While other books teach you lists of licks, this eBook goes a step further and teaches you why these licks sound cool.


This is a small step, but a big leap in your playing, as you learn lines and get into the heads of legendary improvisers.


Rather than waste your time practicing scales and arpeggios and hoping they sound like jazz over tunes, you get to the heart of what makes a great line sound great.




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What You Learn in Easy Jazz Guitar Licks


  • Jazz blues licks.
  • m7, 7th, maj7, m7b5, 7alt, and m6 licks.
  • Short major and minor ii V I licks.
  • Long major and minor ii V I licks.
  • Tritone sub licks.
  • Double-time licks.
  • Full solos over jazz standards.
  • How to solo over jazz standards using licks.
  • The concepts behind every lick in this eBook.
  • How to build your own jazz lines with these concepts.
  • And much more…



With Easy Jazz Guitar Licks You Get


  • Music examples in TAB and notes.
  • Audio examples in Mp3 format.
  • Backing tracks for further study.
  • Easy to follow theory and musical concepts.
  • 1, 2, and 3 bar licks over chords and progressions.
  • Solos using these licks over famous jazz songs.
  • And more…




If you want to learn jazz soloing, but are tired of your lines sounding like scales and arpeggios.


Or, you learned licks but don’t know what to do with them, or how to make your own licks in the style of your favorite jazz guitarist.


This eBook is for you.


Easy Jazz Guitar Licks teaches you cool sounding, essential, and fun to play jazz licks in the style of great jazz guitarists.


It also breaks down every lick to its building blocks, and demonstrates these building blocks over chords, progressions, and full songs.


Who says learning jazz soloing means learning tons of scales and arpeggios before you even begin improvising on your own?


With this eBook, you build strong soloing vocabulary, understanding of essential concepts, and apply this knowledge to the fretboard right away.


You can’t go wrong with that learning experience in the practice room.



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  1. Trevor, November 7, 2017:

    Just a great way to start or develop and improve your jazz guitar playing!
    Matt Warnock presents licks in a really logical but creative and musical way so that your playing is structured and linked into great listening examples,backing tracks and leads into playing tunes that are fun ..A1

  2. Jim, November 7, 2017:

    This is a great resource for inspiration. I use it when I’m out of ideas or when I want to hear something different from my own Licks and cliches. Plus Matt provides solos that can be used as etudes to help you apply what you learn.

  3. Majik, November 7, 2017:

    Clear, manageable lines with good background. I find this book very usable.

  4. dennis, November 7, 2017:

    Clear, simple and very easy-to-follow lessons. Excellent book!

  5. travis, November 7, 2017:

    Matt Warnock really is the essential modern source for learning jazz guitar in the web 2.0 era. His e-books are an extension of his encyclopedic website; they’re presented in a similar format to the pages there. The writing is step-by-step, it’s very logical. He has a consistent graphic format for fretboard scale diagrams, chord diagrams, sheet music and tab, audio examples, and backing tracks.

    These kindle books obviously work best in conjunction with Matt’s YouTube vides, Facebook live and “Ask Matt” sessions, and the Facebook/web community.

  6. Mike, November 7, 2017:

    The teaching style is clear and to the point. Easy to understand and easy to apply.

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