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Music theory is a concept you know improves your playing, but it sounds boring to learn at the same time.


Theory also has a tendency to sound complicated and it’s hard to figure out how it helps you directly as a guitarist.


While music theory is essential to understand, it doesn’t have to be boring or seem like it was meant for a classroom and not the practice room.


With the right presentation, easy to understand concepts, and direct application of every concept to the fretboard, music theory is fun to learn.


This is what the Easy Guitar Theory eBook does.


It breaks down complicated theory into easy to understand concepts with examples you play right away on the guitar.


By doing so, you have fun learning music theory and see improvement in your playing at the same time.


From total beginners to experienced players, this book offers something for every guitarist looking to improve on your theory knowledge and application.




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When I first learned music theory, I loved learning about scales, chords, chromatic notes, and everything related to theory.


But, the books I read and courses I took taught theory as a concept, or on the piano or other instrument.


This left me with a gap between my knowledge and using that knowledge to become a better guitarist.


That was until I applied every theory concept I learned directly to the fretboard.


From that day forward, music theory became fun and directly related to everything I played on the guitar.


This increased my knowledge of music theory and made me a better guitarist at the same time.


Because of this, the concepts in this eBook are directly applied to the guitar in every example.


This means that as soon as you learn anything about music theory, you’re shown at least one example of how to play that theory on guitar.


By doing so, you make a direct connection between theoretical concepts and the guitar.


This reinforces theory concepts and makes theory fun and applicable to the guitar.


As well, concepts and examples are presented for every style of guitar.


If you love jazz, rock, pop, blues, folk, country, classical, or any genre of guitar, the material in this eBook applies to you.


Easy Guitar Theory makes learning theory fun, engages theory with the guitar, and allows you to understand music more clearly.


What else could you want in a music theory book?




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What You Learn With Easy Guitar Theory


  • How to read guitar music – TAB, Notation, Diagrams, and more.
  • Musical form markings and indicators.
  • Notes, rhythms, time signatures, key signatures, and articulation.
  • Normal and compound intervals.
  • Scales and modes.
  • Chords – Triads up to 13th chords and everything in between.
  • Chord function and progressions.
  • Roman numeral analysis.
  • Harmonic Concepts – Tritone subs, modal borrowing, chromatic chords, backdoor ii-V’s, and more.
  • Arpeggios – Triads, 4, 5, 6, and 7-note shapes.
  • Chromatic notes.
  • And much more!




What You Get With Easy Guitar Theory


  • 267 Page printable PDF.
  • Easy to understand essential guitar theory concepts.
  • Over 250 music examples to play, sing, and write out.
  • Practical application of all theory concepts.
  • Chapter exercises and quizzes.
  • And more…



If you tried learning music theory before but found it boring or couldn’t figure out how theory applied to guitar.


Or, if you’re tired of avoiding theory because it sounds complicated and tedious, don’t put off learning essential music theory any more.


The Easy Guitar Theory eBook is exactly what you need to make learning fun and directly applied to your fretboard.


Don’t wait, dive into the fun and beneficial world of music theory with the Easy Guitar Theory eBook.



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  1. Oleg, November 8, 2017:

    I just got the book and already went over it really quick. I already found the answers to my questions about quartal harmony, complex arpeggios, passing chords and many, many other topics I needed clarification on! Thank you, Matt! It was a long-awaited book for us!

  2. Mark, November 27, 2017:

    I can recommend this as a great reference to keep close by. It has saved me a lot of I no longer need to go searching for answers.

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