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Easy Guitar Arpeggios

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Arpeggios are essential for any guitarist to have under your fingers, but they can be a mystery when first exploring them in the practice room.


There’s a long list of fingerings, extensions, and theory to learn, making it easy to be frustrated in the practice room.




Learning arpeggios doesn’t have to be frustrating or seem impossible.


In fact, learning guitar arpeggios can be fun and easy.


You just need to learn the easiest fingerings in the most efficient way possible.


The Easy Guitar Arpeggios eBook teaches you to do this.




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The material in this eBook gets you playing triads, 4, 5, 6, and 7-note arpeggios right away.


You don’t learn over complicated fingerings and unnecessary theory before taking arpeggios onto the guitar.


By studying the easy guitar arpeggio system, you learn arpeggios over the entire fretboard quickly and without any complicated shapes.


From there, you quickly learn how to relate any arpeggio to scales, as well as fundamental theory behind each arpeggio and how to use it in your playing.


While other books teach you lists of unrelated fingerings and difficult to understand theory, this eBook breaks it down to easy to play and understand concepts.


This is a small step, but a big leap, as you learn arpeggios and quickly apply them to your own songwriting, riff making, and guitar solos.


Rather than waste time practicing arpeggios that are tough to memorize and hard to use, with this eBook you make music right away.



What You Learn in Easy Guitar Arpeggios


  • What is an arpeggio.
  • How to practice arpeggios.
  • Triad Shapes.
  • 4-Note Arpeggios.
  • Arpeggios up to the 9th.
  • Arpeggios up to the 11th.
  • Arpeggios up to the 13th.
  • Arpeggio Studies in 12 keys.
  • Easy to understand theory background.
  • And much more…




When You Buy Easy Guitar Arpeggios You Get


  • 124 Page Printable PDF eBook
  • 112 Mp3 Audio Examples
  • 114 Musical Examples
  • Fun and Easy to Play Arpeggio Exercises
  • Easy to Understand Music Theory Explanations
  • And more…




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If you want to learn arpeggios, but are tired of memorizing complicated fingerings that never seem to fit under your fingers.


Or, you learned some arpeggios but don’t know what to do with them, or how to use them to write songs, create riffs, or improvise solos.


Then this eBook is for you.


Easy Guitar Arpeggios teaches you essential, and fun to play, arpeggios the easy way.


It also breaks down each arpeggio to make it easy to understand the theory behind each shape and how to use it in your playing.


Who says learning arpeggios means learning complicated fingerings that cause frustration in the practice room?


With this eBook, you build a solid arpeggio vocabulary, understanding of essential exercises, and apply this knowledge to the guitar right away.


You can’t go wrong with this approach to learning in the practice room.




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