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Bebop Vocabulary Vol 1

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You are in the right place if you are looking to increase your knowledge of the m7 chord’s role in jazz improvisation, as well as increasing your ability to improvise over this common chord in a jazz context.

By digging into this material, you will not only get a sense of how to improvise over a m7 chord, but be able to explore how some of the biggest names in jazz used this sound in their own playing.

By mixing theoretical study with practical application, you will be on your way to mastering the m7 chord in your jazz improvisations in no time.


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What You Will Learn With This eBook


  • How to build and use the Dorian Mode in your jazz guitar solos
  • How to apply scale patterns to both the technical and improvisational side of your Dorian Mode practice routine
  • Explore the Minor Bebop Scale, how it is related to the Dorian Mode and how you can use it to add a Bebop flavor to your lines and phrases
  • Multiple fingerings for each scale covered, including one-octave, two-octave and 3 note per string fingerings
  • Learn some of the most commonly used Bebop licks that apply to the Dorian Mode, adding further vocabulary to your playing
  • Dig into 25 famous m7 Licks in the style of some of the biggest names in jazz, including John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Johnny Smith, Wes Montgomery and Pat Martino



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  • Audio Examples for All 25 of the Licks Covered in the Book
  • All for the price of a few cups of coffee at Starbucks!


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  1. Jamie, May 30, 2012:

    Hi Matt,

    Just thought I’d send you a quick message to say how much I enjoyed your new book.

    I liked how every exercise and scale is extremely well detailed and explained, so there’s no confusion at all. Rather than just giving a scale fingering, you gave multiple ideas on how to make them musical, yet ensuring a thorough knowledge of the scale at the same time.

    The 25 licks were a very cool feature too, I dug the concise and easy to understand descriptions so I could add them into my playing without just copying them. As you know I am a big Jim Hall fan, so the abundance of his lines included were a real treat!

    With so many guitar scale books available it’s nice to finally find that one that combines practically and instruction so well. Can’t wait for the next edition in the series, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book for a second. Thanks again!

  2. Anthony Richards, May 31, 2012:

    Hi Matt,
    Another great book. Really am enjoying it. I find all your books to be so helpful – great content and you are amazing at communicating it clearly.

  3. Britt Reed, May 31, 2012:

    Hey Matt, as always you take complex ideas and break them down into easily approached/applied, bite size pieces that leaves one wanton for more. Of all of your books, I have read them all, I believe this is my favorite to date!

    Great job man, keep them coming.

  4. Paul, June 4, 2012:

    After buying 30 Days to Better Jazz Guitar, i was thrilled at the amount of time and effort Matt puts into his material. Easy to understand and apply. Just bought the m7 book. For 10 bucks, you can’t go wrong. Plenty of stuff to keep me busy! I’m looking forward to Skype lessons in the future!
    Thanks for a great site!!

  5. Gnome, July 16, 2015:

    Matt, the PayPal function for buying this doesn’t appear to work as it should. When I select the United Kingdom as my country, there’s no other option other than to create a PayPal account. Not pay viat Credit/Debit via PayPal, which I’d prefer rather than create a PayPal account. Any suggestions?

  6. Matt Warnock, July 16, 2015:

    Hi Gnome. I just tried putting in the UK and it worked, I live there too. Maybe try again, if not let me know and I can sort this with an email transaction. Cheers.

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