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Blues Guitar 101 – Chord Shapes

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I think you’ll agree that learning chords and rhythms is an essential, and fun, part of playing blues guitar.


Whether it’s Stevie Ray Vaughan on Life by the Drop, Jimi Hendrix on Red House, or B.B. King on The Thrill is Gone, blues rhythm guitar is infectious.


Besides getting your toes tapping on records, blues chords and rhythms are essential if you want to play in a blues band.


Guitar solos are a big part of the blues, but the best soloist still needs to hold down the rhythm, and this is where guitar chords are essential.


While you may love listening to blues chords, you may not know where to start.


That’s where Blues Guitar 101 – Chord Shapes helps you reach your musical goals.


With this eBook, you go from day 1 of learning blues chords to getting on stage at a blues jam session and holding your own with rhythm guitar.


The focus on this book is the blues chord shapes you hear on your favorite recordings.


But, there are also rhythms, chord riffs, and more thrown in for good measure.


Why put off mastering blues guitar chords any longer?


Grab a copy of Blues Guitar 101 – Chord Shapes today, crank up your amp, and be on your way to playing killer blues rhythm guitar in no time.




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What You Learn With This eBook


  • Open position blues chords.
  • Barre chords to play blues in 12 keys.
  • Top-4 string chords in the style of SRV.
  • Chord extensions, 9ths, 13ths, and 7#9 shapes.
  • Blues chord riffs.
  • And more




What You Get With This eBook


  • 99 Page Printable PDF File.
  • 74 Mp3 audio example to slow down and loop if needed.
  • 9 Blues backing tracks, 3 variations in 3 keys each.
  • 7 Rhythm studies in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, and more.
  • Easy to learn and use chord shapes and blues rhythm patterns.
  • And much more!





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Learning chord shapes, chord riffs, rhythms, and extended chords is essential for any blues guitarist.


Not only are they fun to play, these concepts allow you to play rhythm over any blues song with confidence.


While it could take years to learn blues chords the hard way, this doesn’t have to be the case.


Blues Guitar 101 – Chord Shapes gets right to it, giving you the shapes, rhythms, and more that you need to master blues rhythm guitar today.


Don’t wait another day to get your blues chords and rhythms together.


Download Blues Guitar 101 – Chord Shapes and begin your journey to mastering blues chords and rhythms today.




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  1. Trevor, September 19, 2017:

    I’ve already found Matt’s new e-book, Blues 101 Chord Shapes ideal to learn and consolidate the extended chords, 9ths, 11ths, 13ths… check it out.. Open chords and positions, barred chords, blues progressions, extensions and riffs. Can’t wait to get into more of this great book.

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