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Custom Jazz Guitar Video Lessons

Want to learn jazz guitar but don’t know where to start?

Ever found yourself searching through books, DVDs and online forums only to find that the information is either overwhelming, hard to understand or lacks any substance?

Tired of paying for products that don’t give much in return, or getting vague responses from forums and online sites?

Then maybe finding the right jazz guitar teacher can help you get to where you want to be as a player.

While it may have been hard to find an experienced and capable jazz guitar teacher outside of big metropolitan cities in the past, today it’s easier than ever with the increase in internet connectivity and video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Now, anyone, anywhere can take weekly, monthly or one-off lessons with experienced players and teachers all over world, and never leave the comfort of their own homes.

Recently I have been teaching a lot of custom video guitar lesson for guitarists that have asked for them on their own, and the experience has been great so far.

Because of this I am now offering custom video guitar lessons to all guitarists that are interested in taking a lesson with me but that aren’t necessarily interested in a Skype or in-person lesson.

Have a question or comment about Custom Video Lessons? Visit the Video Lessons thread at the MWG Forum.


What Are Custom Video Guitar Lessons

Custom video lessons are made by me just for you on the topic of your choice. You can pick a topic that want me to cover in the lesson and I can create a custom video lesson on that topic, or you can send me a video of you playing and I can analyze your playing in the video.

The video is them uploaded to YouTube as a private video that only you can see, and I send along a PDF with all of the information from the lesson as well as mp3 files of backing tracks and other relevant audio to help you with learning and practicing the material in the lesson.

I also include a detailed practice list of things to work on after you’ve viewed the video as well as goals to work on in the practice room with material from the video.

Custom video lessons can be 15 minutes long ($40) or 30 minutes long ($60) and payments are made through Paypal before the video is made and uploaded to YouTube.


What You Get With Each Video Lesson

  • Private YouTube Video Lesson
  • PDF of Notation and Tab for All Examples in the Video
  • Detailed Written Instructions on How to Practice the Material
  • Backing Tracks For Practicing the Material at Home
  • Can Cover Any Topic You Choose or Can Submit a Video and Receive a Analysis of Your Playing


Benefits of Custom Video Lessons

Custom video lessons are a great way to get a focused, well organized and clear lesson on any topic that you wish to explore further in your practicing, and you get to go back and review the video as many times as you want after the recording is uploaded.

For those readers that are interested in taking a video lesson with me but don’t have a fast enough internet connection for Skype lessons, then custom video lessons offer you the chance to study with me without having to worry about dealing with a bad internet connection during a Skype lesson.


Sample Custom Video Lesson Topics



Student Testimonials

“I knew this would be good, based on the sample materials available on your website, but it exceeded my expectations. The video, the PDF- it’s all great. Thank you for taking the time to explain points that may be obvious. It’s difficult to explain- I understand the concepts and theory, but not having a background studying guitar, it was great to hear it explained. I’m a little blown away- that you distilled a portion of a quintessential Bebop sound down to two strategically placed phrases and one sentence. Thank you so much, Matt, I look forward to more lessons from you.”

– Drew (Custom Video Student)


“Matt draws on a deep well of knowledge and combines it with a practical approach that allows us to get down to business quickly. His experience as a teacher and performer enables him to tailor a program that allows me to build on my strengths, address my weaknesses, and achieve my goals as a player. Matt doesn’t just show me how, he gives me a game plan that I can apply to new situations. Plus, he’s a freaking nice guy. Working with Matt is time and money well-spent. ”

-Lance (Private Skype Student since 2011)

Click to read more testimonials


Teaching Philosophy

“Using performance interaction to communicate with students, I like to distil the complexities of jazz theory and performance practice into edible chunks, meeting the student at their level and with positive reinforcement, present sequential and cumulative improvisation exercises that encourage dynamic innovation rather than stagnant memorization.”


Ordering a Custom Video Guitar Lesson

If you have any questions regarding custom video guitar lessons or would like to order a lesson, please send me a note through my contact page and I will get right back to you through email.


If you are looking to take your jazz guitar playing to the next level, need help dealing with a certain roadblock in your playing or just want to explore a side of jazz guitar that you haven’t been able to up to this point, then custom video guitar lessons may be the right thing to help you achieve your goals as a player and get you to the next level in your development.


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  1. Hi Matt.

    I was your student for only one class, and I’m interested in doing some video classes. How does it work? How much is one class? Are you selling a package with an ammount of classes?


  2. Matthew Warnock, May 24, 2012:

    Hi Claudio,
    I remember you, good to see you again. For the videos you just email me with a topic you want me to talk about in the video, then I put together a video for you with PDF notes on the material from the video. Then I post the video on Youtube so only you can see it, private.

    It is 50$ for a 30 minute video with PDF and backing tracks to practice with etc. Or 30$ for a 15 minute video with a backing track etc. You can pick any topics you like, and if you wanted to order say 4 videos on bebop scales, or Summertime or any topic like that, I would make a discount when you order multiple videos. Hope that helps, if you have any more questions let me know.

  3. maurice, June 12, 2012:

    great idea. I am glad I found you. not ready to take advantage as I am homeless but when I am in better shape I sure will. how about a lesson on just tunes. I don’t think I will spell repatoire correctly but that is what I have in mind.

    thank you

  4. Matthew Warnock, June 12, 2012:

    Hey Maurice, sorry to hear that, hope you get back on your feet soon!! Thanks for checking out the site.

  5. Miguel Granada, July 12, 2012:

    This custom video lessons are a unique oportunity to learn with one great player and one great man : Matt Warnock.
    Thank you Matt for your time and dedication to all of us that want to learn jazz guitar.

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