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Students Gathering for an Intro to Jazz Improv Class at WIU

Teaching Jazz Guitar

Aside from being a publisher and performer, I am also a jazz guitar teacher. Right from the very first months that I picked up the guitar I was already showing friends and kids down the street how to strum their favorite songs and pick out solos from records. Teaching the guitar is something that I…

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Matt Warnock Teaching at the Federal University of SJDR, Brazil

3 Views On How to Teach Jazz Guitar

When I was a student learning how to play jazz guitar, I noticed that there were three types of teachers that I studied with in private lessons, classes and workshops. There were those that found a method of teaching and stuck to it no matter what, those that were completely unprepared with any sort of…

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Pro Music Seminar

Learning To Speak The Jazz Guitar Language

In May of 2010 I took a group of five students, four current students and one alumni, from my program at Western Illinois University on an eight-day tour of Brazil. Everyone had a great time, we got to play some very fun concerts and meet some great musicians along the way. After the tour was…

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