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Matt Warnock with the Avanti Trio

Intermediate Jazz Practice Guide

Having an organized Jazz practice routine can be an effective and efficient way to reach your goals as a player, both short and long term. This rings true especially for those players that have advanced past the fundamental concepts of learning the fretboard and understanding basic Jazz theory and improvisational concepts.     Capitalizing on…

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Jazz Guitar Guide Tone 8

Guide Tones – 10 Essential Soloing Patterns

Guide tones are used by improvisers to smoothly outline chord progressions in their solos, and are often the 3rd and 7th of the underlying chord. By working on guide tones in your soloing practice, you’ll learn how to target important notes in each chord. As well, you’ll develop the ability to confidently navigate chord progressions…

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Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Exercise 9

10 Essential Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Exercises

When learning how to play jazz guitar, most of us will start of with a pick before exploring other right-hand techniques down the road. These techniques could include hybrid picking, using a thumbpick or fingerpicks, or solely playing with the right-hand fingers in a jazz guitar fingerstyle approach to the instrument. For those that are…

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Tyler Ross and Matt Warnock

3 Jazz Guitar Transcriptions That Changed My Playing

One of the beneficial and important aspects of any jazz guitarist’s development is transcribing and learning from famous jazz guitar transcriptions. When interviewed, all of the great players say that they learned an immense amount about jazz guitar improvisation from writing out, memorizing and playing along to their favorite solos by their favorite players. In…

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Playing my Koentopp Guitar Photo: Priscilla Fiedler

What Are the 3 Elements of Music

Whenever I get asked to teach a workshop or a clinic, one of the things that I always like to talk about, at least a little bit in each class, is what I call the 3 Elements of Music. The three most important, fundamental items that any musician needs to be successful, plus a fourth…

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