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Top 10 Most Popular Jazz Guitar Lessons

Since launching on June 5, 2011, has grown to feature hundreds of jazz guitar articles, lessons, and resource pages. With all of those lessons to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to know which lesson is right for you. To help you get started on the site, here are the Top 10 Most Popular Jazz…

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Matt Warnock with the Avanti Trio

Intermediate Jazz Guitar Practice Guide

Having an organized jazz guitar practice routine can be an effective and efficient way to reach your goals as a player, both short and long term. This rings true especially for those players that have advanced past the fundamental concepts of learning the fretboard and understanding basic jazz theory and improvisational concepts.     Capitalizing…

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Modern Jazz Pentatonic Patterns 3

Intro to Jazz Guitar Practicing

With a plethora of information out on the internet, in books, on DVDs and in the classic recordings of jazz guitar legends, one of the biggest problems many Jazz guitarists face is knowing what to practice to get the most out of your time in the woodshed. To help you get over these humps in your…

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half whole diminished scales 1

Beginner’s Guide to Jazz Guitar

Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to Jazz Guitar. Great to have you here! If you’re just starting to learn how to play jazz guitar, need a refresher on Jazz guitar fundamentals, or just want to fill any gaps in your fretboard knowledge or playing, then you’re in the right place. The Beginner’s Guide to Jazz…

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6 Must Know Jazz Guitar Phrasing Exercises

In today’s jazz guitar lesson, we’ll be looking at exercises that you can use in order to further your jazz guitar phrasing in the woodshed. One of the most commonly asked questions I get from my students, and readers online, is “How do know where to put the notes after I know the right notes…

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Jazz Guitar Guide Tone 8

10 Essential Jazz Guitar Guide Tone Patterns

One of the most commonly asked questions I get from students and readers of my newsletter is, “How do I use guide tones to solo over chord changes?” To help with this common question, in today’s lesson we’ll be looking at what these guide tones exactly are, as well as 10 different ii V I…

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Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Exercise 9

10 Essential Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Exercises

When learning how to play jazz guitar, most of us will start of with a pick before exploring other right-hand techniques down the road. These techniques could include hybrid picking, using a thumbpick or fingerpicks, or solely playing with the right-hand fingers in a jazz guitar fingerstyle approach to the instrument. For those that are…

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Jazz Blues Solo Study 1

Jazz Guitar Soloing – Bb Jazz Blues Solo Study

Learning how to play jazz guitar means learning how to play a convincing and entertaining Bb Jazz Blues solo. Every great jazz guitarist has worked their way through this 12-bar form, and many such as Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell and Pat Metheny have even written classic jazz blues heads that are now a part of…

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Drop 2 Chord Scale Arpeggio 1

How to Play The Most Common Jazz Guitar Shapes

When learning how to play jazz guitar, one of the most important skills you can develop is to be able to visualize jazz guitar fingerings for chords, scales, arpeggios and licks in relation to each other on the fretboard, allowing you to easily move from one to another without having to jump around the neck…

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Matt Warnock Jazz Guitar Practice

How To Practice Transcribing Jazz Guitar Solos

In this third and final installment of my series on breaking out of a jazz guitar practice room rut, we’ll be looking at developing your ears and the skills needed when transcribing jazz guitar solos. One of the best, though often most frustrating, ways to instantly improve your jazz guitar playing, is to spend time…

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Matt Warnock Jazz Guitar

Exercises For Learning Jazz Guitar Tunes

In the first part of my 3-part series on breaking out of a jazz guitar practice rut, we’re going to be looking at bringing a stronger focus on tunes in the woodshed to lift your practice time to the next level. If you read my site you will know that I constantly teach things through…

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Belo Horizonte Jazz Guitarra

Develop A Balanced Jazz Guitar Practice Routine

This week I was working with one of my Skype students on developing a stronger sense of rhythm in his improvising by integrating Harmony, Melody and Rhythm to create a balanced jazz guitar practice routine. During our lesson, we came up with an exercise that starts by focusing on improvising with a static rhythmic motive….

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Backcylcing ii V I

How To Add Back Cycling To Your Jazz Guitar Solos

Back Cycling a technique that is almost as old as jazz itself, well definitely as old as Bebop and the “modern” school of jazz. This technique can be found in the playing of many of the great Bebop oriented players, both traditional and modern, and is an essential sound that every intermediate to advanced jazz…

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