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Jazz Standards

Learn Jazz Standards – A Complete Practice Guide

One of the best ways to develop an organized, practical, and effective practice routine is to learn jazz standards. Jazz standards are a universal language you can use to communicate with other jazz musicians. Even if you’ve never met those musicians before a jam session, you can still make music together. They’re also the backbone…

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Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Exercise 9

10 Essential Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Exercises

When learning how to play jazz guitar, most of us will start of with a pick before exploring other right-hand techniques down the road. These techniques could include hybrid picking, using a thumbpick or fingerpicks, or solely playing with the right-hand fingers in a jazz guitar fingerstyle approach to the instrument. For those that are…

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Playing my Koentopp Guitar Photo: Priscilla Fiedler

What Are the 3 Elements of Music

Whenever I get asked to teach a workshop or a clinic, one of the things that I always like to talk about, at least a little bit in each class, is what I call the 3 Elements of Music. The three most important, fundamental items that any musician needs to be successful, plus a fourth…

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