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Jazz Clube - Matt Warnok & Holly Holmes

Matt Warnock and Tyler Ross: The Living Room Videos

There are few things cooler for a guitar teacher than to see their students out there kickin’ butt and taking names. Tyler Ross is one of those students. After doing his masters degree with me at WIU he has gone on to become the jazz guitar professor at the College of Charleston, led successful bands…

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Guilherme Vincens and Matt Warnock

Matt Warnock and Guilherme Vincens Live Concert Video

I have been lucky to perform in some great concerts halls alongside some amazing musicians over the years, and I always enjoy those nights when I get to take the stage in a nice room with a world-class player jamming next to me. This past March, I was invited to perform and teach a clinic…

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The Quartet in Action

Jazz Guitar Workshop and Show: Serenata Music Store July 2011

In the U.S., many guitarists associate a music store clinic with shredders and metal guitarists ripping through stacked Marshalls while promoting their latest instructional DVD or CD. But, the cool thing about living in Brazil, is that, as my friend Leandro told me, “People come to music store clinics to hear and learn about jazz,…

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Pat Martino Photo By

Premiere Guitar Pat Martino Lesson Alphabetic Junctions

Under any condition, imagination produces interesting alternatives. When composing music, there are times when creative continuity seems to fade and is momentarily replaced with emptiness. In this lesson, we’ll look at a practical way to jumpstart your creativity and replace emptiness with ideas. It’s rewarding to apply musical techniques to other forms of language. For…

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Tyler Ross and Audience Look On

Tabajara Belo and Matt Warnock Duo Debuts in Belo Horizonte

I met Brazilian guitarist Tabajara Belo one year ago at the Inverno Cultural festival in Sao Joao Del Rei where we were both teaching and performing as part of the festival’s two-week run. After hearing him play and sitting in on a few of his classes, I immediately knew that Taba was a special player,…

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Chris Taylor Interview at AAJ: Never Make Your Move Too Soon

It\’s taken 30 years, but you can\’t rush something if it\’s not there. Chris Taylor\’s debut recording as leader, Nocturnal (Abstract Logix, 2011), is the result of the direction his composing has led him these last two or three years, but it could be seen in a wider context as the accumulated experience of three…

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Derek Gripper

Derek Gripper Interviewed at All About Jazz: Finding the New Cape

In 2002, Cape Town-based guitarist, violist, and composer Derek Gripper began a musical collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Alex van Heerden. In doing so, the two men sparked a musical partnership that would, in only a few months, smash through stylistic boundaries on their debut recording Sagtevlei > (New Cape Records, 2010). Drawing upon the rich ghoema…

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Tabajara Belo

Tabajara Belo Interviewed at Guitar International

By: Matthew Warnock Brazil seems to grow great guitarists as easily as it grows the palm trees that line the country’s boulevards and streets. Some of the greatest players to ever live have come from this South American guitar breeding ground, such as Baden Powell, Raphael Rabello and via Guitar International Magazine

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Interview With Chris Taylor: Jazz and Electronica

Guitar International recently interviewed jazz guitarist Chris Taylor, very cool conversation and a great player with a fresh take on the genre, check it out. ******   New York City jazz guitarist Chris Taylor’s music transports jazz aficionados on a sonic wave that is both aurally and imaginatively appealing and one that is magically visual…

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Matt Warnock Trio Debuts in Belo Horizonte

After being in Belo Horizonte for one week I played my first gig with my new working trio, consisting of bassist Giovanni Mendes and drummer Andre Campagnani, both great players and great guys to hang with. After picking a few sets worth of tunes, and having one short rehearsal a few days earlier, we drove…

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Matt in Ouro Preto

Moving to Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Around this time last year, my wife Holly Holmes found out that she would be the recipient of a Fulbright Research Fellowship to live and study in Brazil from February until December 2011. During this same period I had a trip planned for May of 2010 to bring a group of my students from Western…

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Matt Brazil

Inverno Cultural 2011 Sao Joao Del Rei Brazil

I’m happy to announce that I will be returning to the Inverno Cultural Festival in Sao Joao Del Rei, Brazil this coming July. I will be teaching clinics with vocalist Holly Holmes (Brazilian Music) and guitarist Tyler Ross (The Art of the Guitar Duo), as well as performing with Holly, Tyler and Brazilian virtuoso guitarist…

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