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Allan Holdsworth Jazz Dominant Scale

How to Play The Allan Holdsworth Bebop Scale

Though he is best known for his Fusion playing, studying Allan Holdsworth’s playing can also be beneficial for more traditional players who are looking to modernize their soloing concepts, or just add a new angle to their approach to Bebop and Post-Bop soloing. One of the concepts that Allan has mastered, and that jazz guitarists…

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Witch Hunt Melody Line

Build Jazz Solos with the Witch Hunt Melody

When looking for improvisational inspiration, jazz guitarists of all levels and backgrounds usually look towards scales and arpeggios to set them on their way. But, there is another source of melodic material that comes built in to any tune, the melody. The melody is a great source for finding melodic material that fits over any…

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Lenny Breau 4th Chords

Learn to Play 4th Voicing Lenny Breau Chords

Legendary jazz guitarist Lenny Breau was know for several techniques that he mastered over the years, including his two-note chord voicings, artificial harmonics and his use of the seven-string guitar. One of the techniques that Lenny loved to use in his playing, and that you can quickly and easily apply to yours, are 4th chords,…

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Jazz Blues Chords 3

Learn from Jazz Guitar Masters

When learning to play jazz guitar it is a great idea to have a private teacher. Someone who can guide  you and point you in the right direction as you start or continue your journey to discovering jazz harmony, melody and rhythm. Though having a private teacher is almost essential when learning jazz guitar, you…

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Kenny Garrett Half Whole Diminished

How Kenny Garrett and Pat Martino Can Expand Your Jazz Guitar Scale Knowledge

The following is a guest lesson by jazz guitarist and educator Morten Faerestrand. In this lesson I’ll teach you two scale based runs, one ascending and one descending. But more importantly, I’ll show you how to use these runs in a musical fashion, making it sound less like you’re practicing a scale,and more like valid…

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