Intermediate Jazz Guitar Scale Guide

One of the main problems that guitarists face once you’ve worked your way through the fundamental jazz guitar techniques, is figuring out where to go next in the practice room. We all know that a full understanding of the underlying concepts needed to succeed as a jazz guitarist requires a continued focus in the woodshed,…

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Phrygian Dominant Scale for Jazz Guitar

One of the most commonly used, and often studied, scale in jazz guitar, the Phrygian Dominant Scale is an important melodic device for any guitarist looking to explore minor key, and dominant 7th soloing concepts in the practice room. To help you get your head, ears and fingers around this scale, in this lesson you’ll…

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Modern Jazz Pentatonic Patterns 3

Intro to Jazz Guitar Scales

Love them or hate them, scales are an important tool in the improvisational vocabulary of jazz guitarists in any stage of their development. Learning to play scales and applying them to chord progressions will allow you to comfortably navigate common jazz chord changes, helping to build confidence and encourage you to explore more complex concepts…

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Jazz Guitar Scale Patterns 8

5 Essential Jazz Guitar Scale Patterns

When developing our jazz guitar technique in the practice room, many of us will learn and practice jazz guitar scale patterns over different modes and in all 12 keys on the fretboard.  While we know that it is important to work on jazz guitar scale patterns to build our technique and expand our soloing vocabulary,…

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Altered Scale Exampled 1 JPG

How To Play The Altered Scale For Jazz Guitar

When learning how to play jazz guitar, one of the scales and chords that will keep popping up is the 7alt chord and its related Altered Scale. While many of us might have heard of this scale before, or even learned a fingering for it on the guitar, there are often gaps in our knowledge…

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5 Must Know Pentatonic Patterns 1

5 Must Know Jazz Guitar Pentatonic Scale Patterns

In today’s lesson we’ll be looking at 5 of my favorite jazz guitar pentatonic scale patterns. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “The minor pentatonic scale isn’t very jazzy.” Well, sometimes it’s not. But, with the right pattern, a good sense of swing and the right tone, you can make the minor pentatonic scale come…

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Whole Tone Scale on 5th String

Whole Tone Scale Patterns For Jazz Guitar

This week I proposed to my followers on Facebook that they send me a topic to discuss in a lesson for my site, and the topic that was chosen was Whole Tone Scale Patterns for Jazz Guitar. It just so happens that I was also working with a Skype student this week on the tune…

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F7 Jazz Blues Bebop Scale

Jazz Blues Bebop Scales: The Complete Guide

Playing the Jazz Blues chord progression is one of the water marks for any developing jazz guitarist. Even after many years playing gigs and touring as a professional player, I still spend time every day working out the blues, and there seems to never be an end to the new and exciting ways I find…

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Major Bebop Scale for Guitar

Jazz Guitar Scales Primer And Reference Page

As I often get questions from readers and students as to how to build, use and harmonize many of the commonly used scales and modes in the jazz idiom, I thought it would be a good idea to put all of that information together in an easy to access and quickly scanable Jazz Guitar Scales…

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Maj7#5 Pentatonic Scale

How To Play The Maj7#5 Pentatonic Scale On Guitar

When learning how to play guitar, being able to improvise over Maj7 chords often means starting with the Major Scale, possibly the Major Pentatonic Scale, and then moving on to the Lydian Mode when you are looking to add a bit of dissonance to these often used chords. But, where do you go from there…

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7b9 Pentatonic Scale

How To Play The 7b9 Pentatonic Scale On Guitar

Altered dominant chords can be tricky to navigate when you are first learning how to play jazz guitar. Knowing which mode(s) to use and when can take time and a lot of practice to understand and apply to a performance situation. When first learning to navigate altered chords on the guitar one of the easiest…

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7b13 Pentatonic Scale Fingerings

How to Play The Mixolydian b13 Pentatonic Scale

Dominant 7 chords are some of the most common and most colorful harmonic groups in modern music. Though many of us learn how to play the Minor Pentatonic, Minor Blues and maybe even the Mixolydian Mode over these chords, we are often stumped as to where to go next when exploring melodic options over 7th…

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Lydian Dominant Pent Scale

How to Play The Lydian Dominant Pentatonic Scale

Dominant 7th chords possess a plethora of different melodic devices that you can use when improvising over these common and important chords. Though you can explore different modes of the Melodic Minor Scale, symmetrical scales such as whole-tone and diminished, as well as other exotic sounds when adding to your 7th chord vocabulary, sometimes the…

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Jazz Guitar Scales Major Pentatonic Scales 1

Major Pentatonic Scales 5 Positions For Guitar

The major pentatonic scale is one of the most common scales that guitarists learn when they first begin their exploration of the linear aspect of the instrument. In this short primer to the major pentatonic scale, you will learn how the scale is built, how to practice it from a technical standpoint, how to use…

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Jazz Guitar Scales Minor Pentatonic Scales

Minor Pentatonic Scales 5 Positions and Application

Minor pentatonic scales are one of the most common scales that guitarists learn when they first begin their exploration of the linear aspect of the instrument. In this short primer to the minor pentatonic scale, you will learn how the scale is built, how to practice it from a technical standpoint, how to use it…

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