Major Scale Arpeggios 6th String

Easy Arpeggio Fingerings For Jazz Guitar

With so many fingerings to choose from when it comes to playing arpeggios on the guitar, it is often tough to find shapes that sit nicely under your fingers and that are easy enough to play that you can recall them during a solo without hesitation. Because of this, in today’s jazz guitar practice tip,…

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Matt Warnock Jazz Guitar

Jazz Guitar Practice Tip – Become the Mirror

Have you ever been in this situation? You’ve been practicing hard at home and taking your playing out to jams and gigs on the bandstand. Everything seems to be going great, until you sit down and listen to yourself on record and it sounds nothing like you expected. If you haven’t done it before, listening…

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Belo Horizonte

The Jazz Guitar Gig That Never Was

The day started out like any other. Answered some emails, taught a few guitar lessons, practiced for some gigs on the weekend, and then I started to get ready for a jazz guitar gig I had that night at a very cool restaurant in Belo Horizonte called Sushi Hoshi. The restaurant sits atop the city’s version…

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