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mark whitfield licks 1

5 Mark Whitfield Licks for Guitar

When I was a Master student at Western Michigan University, I was looking for a new transcription to work on in my weekly guitar lessons. After searching for something that would grab my ears, I stumbled upon an album called The Marksman by a young Mark Whitfield, a player that I hadn’t heard before, but…

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boogaloo joe jones licks 3

5 Boogaloo Joe Jones Licks for Guitar

One of the names that has come up time and again in my conversations with students and readers lately is Boogaloo Joe Jones, who was a fantastic but lesser-known Jazz/Funk guitarist. With the ability to take a few memorable ideas and stretch them out into whole solos, Boogaloo was a master of grabbing the listener’s…

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Wes Montgomery Lick Example

Wes Montgomery Meets Charlie Parker

Recently I was working with a Skype jazz guitar student on a Wes Montgomery transcription, “Movin’ Along,” which also happens to be the first jazz guitar transcription I ever learned a long, long time ago. In the lesson we were analysing the solo and we came upon a classic sounding lick that we dug into…

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Jimmy Raney Licks 1

Jimmy Raney Licks for Jazz Guitar

Jimmy Raney is a Bebop guitar legend, and a true master of Bebop style soloing on the guitar. Because of his mastery of the genre, he is vast resource for study when working on developing your jazz guitar soloing chops, and especially Bebop vocabulary. To help you raise your Bebop playing to the next level,…

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Joe Pass Licks 1

Joe Pass Licks – 5 ii V I Lines

Joe Pass was a master of every aspect of jazz guitar playing, including solo guitar, duo guitar with vocals, chord soloing, single-line playing, and of course chord melody. When learning how to solo as a jazz guitarist, there are few players that you can study who have more command of the Bebop vocabulary than Joe…

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Dizzy Gillespie Licks 5

5 Dizzy Gillespie Licks for Jazz Guitar

One of the greatest jazz improvisers of all time, Dizzy Gillespie left a legacy that continues to this day as new generations of fans discover his recordings, including guitarists of all backgrounds and experience levels. While many of us love Dizzy’s solos, we may not be sure of where to start when translating these lines…

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mark whitfield licks 3

3 Adam Rogers ii V I Licks

Adam Rogers is one of my all-time favourite jazz guitarists, one that has a very modern sound but also a thorough foothold in the tradition at the same time. Because of his understanding of both traditional and modern jazz harmony, Adam is a great player to study when working on jazz guitar improvisational techniques. When…

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George Benson ii V I Licks 1

3 George Benson Double Time Licks for Jazz Guitar

One of the most popular jazz guitarist’s of all time, George Benson has covered all the bases when it comes to being able to create memorable and creative single-note, chord soloing and octave solos in his best-selling recordings. Apart from his swinging 8th-note ideas, one of the areas of George’s playing that I really like…

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Barney Kessel Licks 1

5 Essential Barney Kessel Licks For Jazz Guitar

Barney Kessel was one of the greatest jazz guitarist that ever lived, and he left us with a lifetime’s worth of material to study as jazz guitarists in his recorded output. In today’s lesson, we’ll be looking at 5 classic Barney Kessel Licks that explore various aspects of Barney’s improvisational approach to 7th, m7 and…

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ii V I Wes Octave Licks 2

3 ii V I Wes Octave Licks for Jazz Guitar

As I’m a huge fan of Wes Montgomery’s Jazz Guitar Work, I’ve spent many years studying his single note and chord soloing ideas. But, as we all know, one of the most unique things about Wes’ playing was his ability to create intricate octave lines with ease at almost impossible speeds during his jazz guitar…

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Bebop Jazz Guitar Licks 4

5 Must Know Bebop Jazz Guitar Licks

Learning how to play jazz guitar means learning the language that great players before us have used in their lines, solos and melodies. In this lesson, you will learn 5 classic Bebop Jazz Guitar Licks, how they are built, why they work and how to expand on them in your practicing and improvising. While sounding…

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George Benson Lick 2 JPG

5 Must Know George Benson Licks for Guitar

George Benson is one of the greatest jazz guitarists of all time, there’s no doubt about it. Whether you are a fan of his playing, you have to admire the musical and professional accomplishments Benson has achieved over his long and successful career. One of the great things about Benson’s playing, is that his solos…

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7#11 Jazz Guitar Lick 4

5 Must Know 7#11 Licks for Jazz Guitar

When learning how to play jazz guitar, one of the sounds that will pop up on a regular basis is the 7#11 chord, and therefore it is always good to have a variety of 7#11 Licks that you can use over this common chord change. The fourth mode of Melodic Minor, the Lydian Dominant Scale…

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