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7alt chords 1

How to Play 7alt Chords on Guitar

Learning how to play 7alt chords is an essential step for any jazz guitarist to take in their studies, though it can often seem tough due to the tense sound these chords produce, and the variety of shapes you can study on the fretboard. Not to fear, there is a very cool and easy to…

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13th chords 2

How to Play 13th Chords for Jazz Guitar

One of the most common questions I get asked by students and readers is, “I know my basic four-note chords, but what is the best way to learn larger shapes such as 13th chords?” The best answer to this question, and the subject of this lesson, is to take shapes you already know and apply…

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CAGED Chords 5

CAGED Chords for Guitar

When first learning how to play chords on guitar, many players stumble upon a system labelled CAGED Chords. While we may know the title of these five common chord shapes, sometimes the theory behind these shapes, and how to fully use them on the fretboard, eludes us. In this lesson you will learn how to…

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Intermediate mMaj9 Chords 1

Intermediate Jazz Guitar Chord Guide

When learning how to comp and chord solo on guitar in a jazz setting, many of us begin by learning Drop 2 and Drop 3 voicings for the common jazz chords, such as maj7, m7, 7 and m7b5. Once you have these shapes under your fingers and can apply them to tunes you are studying…

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Minor Jazz Guitar Chords 3

Intro to Jazz Guitar Chords

When learning how to play jazz guitar, one of the biggest obstacles you’ll face is the seemingly endless amount of jazz guitar chords you need to get under your fingers. While there are many chords that you should explore as a jazz guitarist, the best place to start is with the easiest to play, and…

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4th Chord Inversions for Jazz Guitar

While many of us have experimented with 4th chords at some point in our development, we often learn a few root-position shapes and move on from there. Root-position 4th chords are essential learning for any jazz guitarist, but taking them one step further and working out their inversions will go a long way to expanding…

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Lenny Breau Chords – Jazz Blues Study

When learning how to play jazz guitar chords, one of the best players to study is undoubtedly Lenny Breau. A master of chord soloing, chord melody and comping, Lenny’s harmonic work is some of the most beautiful and original in the jazz guitar lineage. While some of Lenny’s chordal work can pose technical challenges in…

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Jazz Guitar Chord Lick Chromatic ii V I

Jazz Guitar Chord Lick – Chromatic ii V I

A big part of learning how to play jazz guitar chords, is learning how to apply these shapes to your chord soloing, chord melody and comping ideas in a musical way, that sounds improvised and not like an exercise. To help you apply common chord shapes to your jazz guitar chord solos and comping phrases,…

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Drop 2 7 Chords

Beginner Drop 2 Chords For Jazz Guitar

When learning how to play jazz guitar, one of the most important shapes to get under your fingers and bring into your playing are Beginner Drop 2 Chords. These root-position shapes will allow you to cover a wider range of the neck as compared to Drop 3 Chords, as there are now three string sets…

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251 chords Drop 2 1

Beginner Drop 2 Turnaround Chords For Jazz Guitar

Welcome to Chapter 4, Beginner Drop 2 Turnaround Chords, as you finish your introduction to chords and chord progressions . In this chapter, you’ll learn how to apply Drop 2 Chords to the ii-V-I-VI turnaround progression that you practiced in the previous chapter. Though the progression is the same, notice the different sounds and timbres that Drop…

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How to Play Jazz Blues Chords 5

How to Play Jazz Blues Chords For Guitar – 5 Studies

Studying Jazz Guitar means learning how to play jazz blues chords in a variety of textures, progressions and musical situations as you expand your knowledge of this common and important musical form. In today’s jazz guitar lesson. we will be looking at five different chord studies written out over the jazz blues form, in the…

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Drop 3 m7b5 Chords

Beginner Drop 3 Chords for Jazz Guitar

Welcome to Chapter 1 – Beginner Drop 3 Chords for Jazz Guitar of the Beginner’s Guide to Jazz Guitar. Great to have you here! In the first Chapter of this guide, you’ll be learning one of the most commonly used Chords in Jazz, the Drop 3 Chord.     By learning these introductory Drop 3…

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Minor ii V I Triads 1

Jazz Guitar Chords – Minor ii V I Triads

When learning how to play jazz guitar, one of the first chord progressions we encounter in our practice routines, and when learning tunes, is the Minor ii V I. Though it is used almost as much as it’s major cousin, the Minor ii V I can often handcuff us on the bandstand or in our…

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ii V I Triads 1 JPG

How to Play Major ii V I Triads For Guitar

One of the most common chord progressions we encounter when learning how to play jazz guitar is the major key ii-V-I progression. When learning how to build comping patterns and chord-soloing ideas over major key ii-V-I’s, we often look for large 4, 5 and 6-note chords, or shapes with big stretches in them to navigate…

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Watermelon Man Chord Solo 3rd 4 JPG

Jazz Guitar Chord Soloing – Watermelon Man Study

Learning how to play jazz guitar means leaning how to bring different textures into your soloing ideas. While many of us want to learn how to bring chord-soloing phrases into our playing, we often shy away from working on this skill in the practice room since we believe that chord soloing means using big, hard…

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