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Easy Jazz Chords for Guitar

When learning to comp jazz guitar chords, you’ll often find that these shapes can be difficult to grab for the beginner jazz guitarist. While there are a number of shapes that’ll take time to master, you’ll be happy to find out that there are also many easy jazz chords for guitar that you can learn….

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Essential Chord Scales for Guitar

Chords and comping are the lifeblood of any jazz guitarist. As much as you like to improvise you’ll spend the vast majority of your time comping behind melody lines and other soloists. Because of the amount of time you’ll spend comping, it’s essential to develop a deep understanding of jazz chords and harmonic concepts in your…

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brazilian Jazz album

Beginner’s Guide to Brazilian Jazz Guitar

Brazilian jazz is one of the most popular genres of modern jazz guitar. With a seductive swing feel, captivating melodies, and cool chord progressions, Brazilian jazz is one of the first genres that guitarists explore outside of bebop. With a long lineage of world-class players, such as Laurindo Almeida, Baden Powell, Raphael Rabello, and Toninho…

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4th Chord Inversions for Jazz Guitar

While many of us have experimented with 4th chords at some point in our development, we often learn a few root-position shapes and move on from there. Root-position 4th chords are essential learning for any jazz guitarist, but taking them one step further and working out their inversions will go a long way to expanding…

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drop 2 chords m7b5 2

Drop 2 Chords – Essential Guitar Voicings

Drop 2 chords are one of the most common jazz guitar shapes, and are built with the root-position interval pattern R-5-7-3. These powerful chords are used to comp, chord solo, and build chord melodies by the greatest names in jazz guitar history. Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, Jim Hall, George Benson, and others have used drop…

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CAGED Chords 2

The Complete Guide to Guitar Chords

Learning how to pick, strum, or pluck guitar chords is one of the coolest parts about playing the instrument. There’s something about the sound of a strummed guitar chord that just sounds right. And there’s no better feeling than finding the right chord shape to fit the song you’re learning, or writing.     Though…

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