Intermediate Jazz Guitar Arpeggio Guide

After you have worked your way through the fundamental arpeggios such as maj7, m7 and 7th shapes, you’re ready to move on to more advanced arpeggio concepts that stretch beyond the octave. These 5, 6, and later on 7, note shapes will allow you to outline various extended chords when soloing in a jazz guitar…

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Joe Pass ii V I Arpeggios 3

Intro to Jazz Guitar Arpeggios

One of the best ways to dig into the heart of any jazz chord progression when soloing is to use jazz guitar arpeggios as the basis for your improvised lines and phrases. Containing the notes of the chord in their construction, jazz guitar arpeggios allow you to bring out the sound of any or every…

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How to Play m6 Arpeggios for Guitar

The Minor 6th arpeggio contains four notes, all derived from the Dorian Mode, second mode of the major scale. These notes are: Root – Flat Third – Fifth – Sixth So, for a C m6th chord, these notes would be: C – Eb – G – A Notice how the m6th Arpeggio is only one note different than…

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Arps in 5ths 5 JPG

How To Play Modern Jazz Guitar Arpeggios

When learning how to play jazz guitar, many of us spend time working out arpeggios, both from the root to the 7th and beyond to the 9th, 11th and 13th of any chord we are checking out in the woodshed. While it is important to spend time getting different jazz guitar arpeggio shapes under your…

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G7 Arpeggio

How to Play 7b9 Arpeggios for Jazz Guitar

When learning how to play jazz guitar, one of the most common chords and chordal colors that jazz guitarists explore in their practice routines is the Dominant 7th family of chords. One of the great things about Dominant 7th chords is that there is a plethora of alterations that you can apply to them in…

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Jazz Guitar Chords Open Triads

Guitar Arpeggios Made Easy Video Lesson

Arpeggios are an essential tool for any guitarist to have an understanding of, and have under their fingers. While in essence, an arpeggio is just the notes of a particular chord picked in order from the Root to the 7th, they can sometimes be tricky to learn on the guitar since there is a plethora…

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Ex 1

Extended Jazz Guitar Arpeggios

Last semester I had a student come to me with a long list of audition material that he had to put together in a very short time. Along with tunes, chord progressions and the usual scale fingerings, he had to learn all of his extended jazz guitar arpeggios up to the 13th. He asked me…

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Diminished Arpeggios One Octave

How To Play Dim7 Arpeggios For Jazz Guitar

One of the most commonly used, and important to learn arpeggios shapes on the guitar, Dim7 Arpeggios contain four notes, in their construction all derived from the related Diminished Scale. The interval structure for a Dim7 Arpeggio is: Root – Flat Third – Flat Fifth – Double Flat Seventh This means that for a Cdim7 chord,…

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Minor Major 7th Arpeggios One Octave

How To Play mMaj7th Arpeggios For Jazz Guitar

The mMaj7th arpeggio contains four notes, all derived from the Melodic Minor Scale. The intervallic structure of mMaj7 Arpeggios is always: Root – Flat Third – Fifth – Seventh So, this means that for a CmMaj7 Arpeggio, these notes would be: C – Eb – G – B Notice how the mMaj7th Arpeggio is only one note…

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Half Diminished Arpeggios One Octave

How To Play m7b5 Arpeggios For Jazz Guitar

m7b5 arpeggio contains four notes, all derived from the Locrian Mode. These notes are: Root – Flat Third – Flat Fifth – Flat Seventh So, for a Cm7b5 chord, these notes would be: C – Eb – Gb – Bb Notice how m7b5 Arpeggios have only one note different as compared to the Minor 7th Arpeggio, we’ve…

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Major 7th Arpeggios Three Octave

How to Play Major 7th Arpeggios For Jazz Guitar

Major 7th Arpeggios contain four notes, all derived from the first note of the Ionian Mode. These notes are: Root – Third – Fifth – Seventh So, for a C Major 7 Arpeggio, these notes would be: C – E – G – B The following examples lay out three different sizes of Major 7th Arpeggios, one octave, two…

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Jazz Guitar Licks Tritone Sub Arpeggios

How to Play Jazz Guitar Arpeggios

Jazz guitar arpeggios are an important resource for guitarists of any skill level, background or experience level, as they are the most direct way to outline a chord progression in your single-note soloing lines. Not only will a solid knowledge of jazz guitar arpeggios allow you to improvise over every chord change, but they will…

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