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7alt chords 1

How to Play 7alt Chords on Guitar

Learning how to play 7alt chords is an essential step for any jazz guitarist to take in their studies, though it can often seem tough due to the tense sound these chords produce, and the variety of shapes you can study on the fretboard. Not to fear, there is a very cool and easy to…

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mark whitfield licks 1

5 Mark Whitfield Licks for Guitar

When I was a Master student at Western Michigan University, I was looking for a new transcription to work on in my weekly guitar lessons. After searching for something that would grab my ears, I stumbled upon an album called The Marksman by a young Mark Whitfield, a player that I hadn’t heard before, but…

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boogaloo joe jones licks 3

5 Boogaloo Joe Jones Licks for Guitar

One of the names that has come up time and again in my conversations with students and readers lately is Boogaloo Joe Jones, who was a fantastic but lesser-known Jazz/Funk guitarist. With the ability to take a few memorable ideas and stretch them out into whole solos, Boogaloo was a master of grabbing the listener’s…

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Wes Montgomery Lick Example

Wes Montgomery Meets Charlie Parker

Recently I was working with a Skype jazz guitar student on a Wes Montgomery transcription, “Movin’ Along,” which also happens to be the first jazz guitar transcription I ever learned a long, long time ago. In the lesson we were analysing the solo and we came upon a classic sounding lick that we dug into…

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13th chords 2

How to Play 13th Chords for Jazz Guitar

One of the most common questions I get asked by students and readers is, “I know my basic four-note chords, but what is the best way to learn larger shapes such as 13th chords?” The best answer to this question, and the subject of this lesson, is to take shapes you already know and apply…

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three octave arpeggios m7

3 Octave Arpeggios for Jazz Guitar

When working out arpeggios on the guitar, it is important to learn how to play 1 octave shapes for fast moving changes, 2 octave shapes for tunes with more room to stretch out, and 3 octave shapes for those times you want to cover a large fretboard span with one arpeggio shape. Though learning 3…

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Jimmy Raney Licks 1

Jimmy Raney Licks for Jazz Guitar

Jimmy Raney is a Bebop guitar legend, and a true master of Bebop style soloing on the guitar. Because of his mastery of the genre, he is vast resource for study when working on developing your jazz guitar soloing chops, and especially Bebop vocabulary. To help you raise your Bebop playing to the next level,…

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Johnny Smith Interview

Jazz Guitarist Johnny Smith Interview

As I entered into the second year of my doctoral studies at the University of Illinois, it came time to choose a topic for my dissertation. After brainstorming, deciding, reconsidering, and starting from scratch many times on a topic of research, I had a long and important conversation with my friend Marc. During that conversation…

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sidestepping 5

Sidestepping For Jazz Guitar

One of the most commonly asked questions I get asked by students and readers of my website is “How do I get that cool outside sound in my playing that I hear my favorite jazz guitarist using all the time?” While there are many ways to bring an outside sound to your jazz solos, one…

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Joe Pass Licks 1

Joe Pass Licks – 5 ii V I Lines

Joe Pass was a master of every aspect of jazz guitar playing, including solo guitar, duo guitar with vocals, chord soloing, single-line playing, and of course chord melody. When learning how to solo as a jazz guitarist, there are few players that you can study who have more command of the Bebop vocabulary than Joe…

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CAGED Chords 5

CAGED Chords for Guitar

When first learning how to play chords on guitar, many players stumble upon a system labelled CAGED Chords. While we may know the title of these five common chord shapes, sometimes the theory behind these shapes, and how to fully use them on the fretboard, eludes us. In this lesson you will learn how to…

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Intermediate mMaj9 Chords 1

Intermediate Jazz Guitar Chord Guide

When learning how to comp and chord solo on guitar in a jazz setting, many of us begin by learning Drop 2 and Drop 3 voicings for the common jazz chords, such as maj7, m7, 7 and m7b5. Once you have these shapes under your fingers and can apply them to tunes you are studying…

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Dizzy Gillespie Licks 5

5 Dizzy Gillespie Licks for Jazz Guitar

One of the greatest jazz improvisers of all time, Dizzy Gillespie left a legacy that continues to this day as new generations of fans discover his recordings, including guitarists of all backgrounds and experience levels. While many of us love Dizzy’s solos, we may not be sure of where to start when translating these lines…

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Minor Jazz Guitar Chords 3

Intro to Jazz Guitar Chords

When learning how to play jazz guitar, one of the biggest obstacles many of us face is the seemingly endless amount of jazz guitar chords you need to learn and apply to your jazz guitar comping. While there are many chords that you can explore as a jazz guitarist, the best place to start is…

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free jazz guitar lessons

Free Jazz Guitar Lessons and eBook

  Do you want free jazz guitar lessons in your inbox?   Do you want a FREE Jazz Guitar eBook?   Enter your name and email below to get both!   * indicates required Enter Your Email Address Here * Enter Your First Name Here *   This Free 84-Page eBook will teach you how to:   Play…

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popular jazz guitar lessons

Top 10 Most Popular Jazz Guitar Lessons

Since launching on June 5, 2011, has grown to feature hundreds of jazz guitar articles, lessons, and resource pages. With all of those lessons to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to know which lesson is right for you. To help you get started on the site, here are the Top 10 Most Popular Jazz…

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Dizzy Gillespie Licks 2

3 Melodic John Abercrombie Licks

By: Jamie Holroyd   This article contains 3 John Abercrombie licks to help expand your jazz guitar vocabulary. Each of these John Abercrombie licks are short, melodic ideas applied to common jazz progressions such as ii-V’s and static chord vamps. When studying John Abercrombie’s phrasing, pay close attention to dynamics and articulation as he often…

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Matt Warnock with the Avanti Trio

Intermediate Jazz Guitar Practice Guide

Having an organized jazz guitar practice routine can be an effective and efficient way to reach your goals as a player, both short and long term. This rings true especially for those players that have advanced past the fundamental concepts of learning the fretboard and understanding basic jazz theory and improvisational concepts.     Capitalizing…

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mMaj7 arpeggios 1

Intermediate Jazz Guitar Arpeggio Guide

After you have worked your way through the fundamental arpeggios such as maj7, m7 and 7th shapes, you’re ready to move on to more advanced arpeggio concepts that stretch beyond the octave. These 5, 6, and later on 7, note shapes will allow you to outline various extended chords when soloing in a jazz guitar…

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half whole diminished scales 3

Intermediate Jazz Guitar Scale Guide

One of the main problems that guitarists face once you’ve worked your way through the fundamental jazz guitar techniques, is figuring out where to go next in the practice room. We all know that a full understanding of the underlying concepts needed to succeed as a jazz guitarist requires a continued focus in the woodshed,…

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