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intermediate jazz guitar vocabulary 1

Intermediate Jazz Guitar Vocabulary Guide

Along with learning how to play chords, scales, and arpeggios, building your Jazz guitar vocabulary is essential in your development as a Jazz guitarist. When soloing with scales and arpeggios, though the notes sound correct, they can lack that special something that makes your lines sound like your favorite Jazz guitarist. This special something is…

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augmented scales 7

Enclosures – How to Turn One Note Into Three

When learning how to improvise in a jazz context, one of the toughest concepts to master is the creation of tension and release in your lines using chromatic notes of various shapes and forms. To help you begin with this important aspect of jazz soloing, this lesson will cover one of the most commonly used…

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Jazz Guitar Guide Tone 8

Intro to Jazz Guitar Vocabulary

One of the most important, yet toughest, parts of learning how to play jazz guitar is building a confident, authentic and varied Jazz vocabulary. While nobody wants to recite lines from memory when soloing, we all need to study the jazz tradition in order to be able to speak the Jazz language and allow the…

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Jazz Guitar Bebop Soloing – 13th Pattern

When learning how to solo over Dominant 7th chords, one of the roadblocks that many of us hit is knowing how to expand beyond the initial 7th arpeggios and Mixolydian scale shapes that we first get under our fingers. To help you break out of these initial shapes, and expand your 7th chord soloing ideas,…

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Arpeggio Enclosures Example 5

How to Play Jazz Guitar Arpeggio Enclosures

Learning how to play jazz guitar means learning how to properly outline chord changes using scales, licks, patterns and other melodic ideas in your lines and phrases. While learning how to play jazz guitar scales over ii-V-I chords is an important tool for any jazz guitarist to explore, often times learning the arpeggio for each…

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Minor Bebop Scale

Bebop Scales: Definitions and Application

The Bebop Scale is, at least for me, is the most important scale in any jazz guitarist’s tool belt when learning how to play bebop jazz guitar. It has the benefits of outlining the chord it is being played over, because it’s root scale comes from modes of the Major Scale and the Harmonic Minor…

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Chorinho Pra Ele Lick 2

Brazilian Bebop: Learning Hermeto Pascoal Guitar Licks

We all know how much improvisational material we can garner from digging into the compositions of Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell and other Bebop musicians. Some of their most famous melodies are also great resources for learning how to play bebop jazz guitar, such as Donna Lee, Bouncing with Bud and Confirmation. One composer…

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Bebop Guitar Vocabulary

Throughout my time spent as a professional jazz guitarist and educator, there has been a common thread that has come back time and again in my lessons, the classes I teach, the conversations I have with friends and peers, and in my own practice routine, Building Bebop Vocabulary. I’ve read and seen tons of material…

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Ex 6

How to Play Jazz Guitar Enclosures

One of the most often asked questions I get in lessons and workshops is, “How do I sound more like Bebop?” There is no one answer to this question, but there are several things you can do to learn how to play bebop jazz guitar, such as learning Bebop Scale Patterns, Bebop Arpeggio Patterns, and…

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C7 Arpeggio

Getting Chromatic: Bebop Arpeggios for Guitar

One of the questions that I often get asked by students in lessons and workshops is, “I know all my arpeggios and can outline chord changes, but how do sound like jazz?” In response to this question I’ve started teaching a workshop titled “Instant Jazz: Bebop Arpeggios for Guitar. Since not everyone can make it to…

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Bebop Scale Patterns Honeysuckle

21 Bebop Scale Patterns for Guitar

One of the most widely used concepts in jazz improvisation; the Bebop Scale has long been a staple in the vocabulary of many of the genres great artists. Therefore it is an essential sound to get under your fingers when learning how to play bebop jazz guitar.         Click to download your FREE Essential Jazz Guitar Lessons…

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