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Matt Warnock and the College of Charleston Jazz Majors

Matt Warnock and the College of Charleston Jazz Majors

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  1. theo buntario, January 12, 2012:

    Dear Matt,
    i’m really stressed out with my jazz guitaring, i’m awared that i’m lack of practice. however is there any method that you could assist me that would simplified my limited practice time so i could really improve my guitaring.

    thanking you in advance for your kind attention.

    Theo Buntario
    from Jakarta, Indonesia

  2. Matthew Warnock, January 12, 2012:

    Hi Theo,
    yes, i can help you with that issue. It is pretty common these days for people to have limited time, even myself, to practice, so I have approaches that i use to help maximize time in the practice room.

    Are you looking to take one-on-one video lessons?

  3. David Sullivan, November 15, 2012:

    Hey Matt,
    I was wondering if you would do an article on Kenny Burrell? I’ve just pisked up some of his CD’s from the library and really fell in love with his playing. I especially like Midnight Blue from the album with the same title but anything would be fine. Also, anyone wanting to hear some good jazz playing should check him out!



    from Lorain, Ohio

  4. Matthew Warnock, November 15, 2012:

    Hi David, I have some blues articles that you might like that can get you started in that direction of playing. Check this one out and it should get you going on that Burrell bluesy/jazzy sound that he has down.

  5. Diego Massili, August 7, 2013:

    Hi Matt

    Simple question here.

    I`m not really into jazz and more into blues, rock and metal, however i`m starting to get interested in jazz because of the approach it naturally has in the learning process. I think a player that know how to play jazz is a step further from the others styles, because jazz is trickier to learn. This what i think about jazz players though.

    So, the question is:

    Studying the concepts and applying “the way of thinking” of jazz into my practice routines oriented to those styles would be beneficial in a way i can develop better and faster understanding of my overall improvisation?

    i hope u get what i meant, if not, let me know!

    Diego from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

  6. Matt Warnock, August 7, 2013:

    Hi Diego I think anyone can learn a lot by studying different forms of music, but if you aren’t really into jazz, then you might want to check out players in your field that use jazz concepts but in more of a rock and blues way. I’m thinking about Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson and other players like that. You might be more motivated to study players you like that use these concepts rather than just studying jazz on it’s own. Also check out Scott Henderson, Allan Holdsworth and Al Di Meola.

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