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Matt Warnock Biography

“A Straight Ahead Player of Considerable Merit” – John Kelman All About Jazz


“I just love it when I see a new video lesson posted by Matt. His lessons are concise and to the point! I wish that his lessons were available to me when I was learning how to improvise!” – Vic Juris


“I first met Matt Warnock when he translated a clinic I gave in Belo Horizonte Brazil. Later I discovered him on his YouTube instructional channel. Matt’s online lessons are a great resource for any jazz guitarist – from beginner to pro. Matt is simply a great teacher and player.” – Dave Stryker 



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Canadian guitarist and pedagogue Dr. Matthew Warnock has been awarded degrees from McGill University (Montreal) and Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo), culminating in a DMA in jazz performance from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

He served as a teaching assistant at both WMU (MM) and UIUC (DMA), and has held faculty positions at Western Illinois University, Interlochen Arts Camp, Leeds College of Music, and the University of Chester.

While at WIU, he built the guitar studio from scratch, turning it into an internationally recognized program in a short time with his graduating students receiving professorships and entrance into post-graduate programs, as well as gaining international touring experience both at WIU and after graduation.

Matt also created the WIU International Guitar Festival, which featured clinics by luthiers, historians, music business professionals and concerts by performers from the US, Canada and Brazil.

Matt maintains a strong focus on high school and collegiate jazz education, and has given workshops and lectures throughout the US, UK,  Canada, Brazil and Nepal, including Carleton University (Ottawa), Concordia University (Montreal), Chicago High School for the Arts, the Wisconsin Conservatory (Milwaukee), Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (Brazil), the Federal University of Ouro Preto (Brazil) and the Federal University of Sao Joao Del Rei (Brazil).

Using performance interaction to communicate with students, Matt distils the complexities of jazz theory into edible chunks, meeting the student at their level and with positive reinforcement, presents sequential and cumulative improvisation exercises that encourage dynamic innovation rather than stagnant memorization.

Published by Mel Bay, Just Jazz Guitar Magazine, and All About Jazz, Matt also served as the Senior Media Consultant for the online magazine Guitar International, managing content for it’s 200,000 monthly readers.

Having a strong belief that all instrumental teachers should maintain a healthy concert schedule, Matt has performed throughout Europe, the US, Canada and Brazil, including the International Association for Jazz Educators Conference, Lincoln Center in New York, the Savassi Jazz Festival in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and the NuJazz Festival in Curitiba, Brazil.

After living in Belo Horizonte, Brazil for 2011, Matt currently resides in Chester, UK, where he runs an online guitar teaching website, read monthly by 90,000 guitarists from 205 countries, co-runs the most popular jazz guitar website in the world,, and continues to perform and give workshops on the international level.


Matt Warnock With Paul Reed Smith at Experience PRS 2010

Matt Warnock With Paul Reed Smith at Experience PRS 2010

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  1. Stush, July 20, 2013:

    Thanks for great work Matt, its not only easy but also sweet to follow your lessons.

    Kenyan residing in The Gambia.

  2. mousebelt, January 18, 2015:

    Dear Dr. Warnock:

    I’ve been visiting your website daily for a little over a year (for practice ideas), and I just finished reading the “Short Matt Warnock Biography” for the first time…then I watched your solo performance of “Stella By Starlight”. I never thought for a moment that you were such a busy guy, or that someone would have the rumble-gumption to play guitar like that.

    You’re a super-star! Thanks very much!

  3. Matt Warnock, January 19, 2015:

    Thanks man, I appreciate the kind words! Enjoy the lessons.

  4. snail, February 27, 2015:

    Hi Matt,

    I just signed up with you and Jamie Holroyd. I’m a bit overwhelmed with all of this lovely music and the lessons at the moment, I promise I’ll get started ASAP.

    I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank you for your selflessness and generosity at GIVING us lessons. Altruism is a rare thing these days, the world would be a better place if more people like you and Jamie existed.

    G’luck and success in all you do.


  5. Esteban, March 25, 2015:

    Dear Matt, thank you so much for your awesom web, your incredible lessons and for give us the chance of to be better guitar players every day

  6. Mike Garlick, July 14, 2015:


    Do you do studio work?
    Can you read at first sight?

    If you can, I’m pretty sure that it’s not by ‘one and er two and’ etc.

    There are very few, if any resources that help students learn to sight read like the studio guys.

    Do you have anything that would help?

    (It would also get rid of these blasted tabs!)


  7. Matt Warnock, July 14, 2015:

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