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Bebop Guitar Lick – Bebop Chromatic Pattern

When learning how to play Bebop Jazz Guitar, one of the main sources of improvisational material is the study of famous licks and patterns.

In this lesson, we’ll be learning and dissecting a Bebop Guitar Lick that I have long used in my playing, and one that will help bring an added level of chromaticism and tension to your Bebop guitar solos.

The lick is based off of the F7 Dominant Bebop Scale in the example below, and it can be applied to any situations where you are soloing over a 7th chord, such as a Jazz Blues tune, or the V7 chord of a iim7 V7 Imaj7 chord progression.

Check out this lick in your practice routine this week. It’s a fun and exciting lick that can help add some Bebop flavor to your next jazz guitar solo.


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Bebop Guitar Lick Video Lesson


YouTube Preview Image



Bebop Guitar Lick – Chromatic Pattern


Bebop Guitar Lick




What to Look For in This Bebop Guitar Lick


When practicing this lick, here are some of the key points to take away so that you can apply them to other licks in your solos, or dig deeper into the concepts behind the building of this fun-sounding Bebop Guitar Lick.


  • The four-note descending pattern on the first 3 beats of the lick, which start on G, E and Eb respectively
  • The accented major 7th interval on the 2nd beat of the first bar, which is technically a bad choice but which is the crux of the whole chromatic sound of this lick
  • The Bebop pattern which is featured on the last beat of the first bar and the first two notes of the second bar. This is a classic Bebop phrase and one that should be extrapolated from this lick and explored further in the woodshed



How to Practice This Bebop Guitar Lick


Once you have checked out the video lesson and tab/notation for this Bebop Guitar Lick, try working on different ways of practicing and applying this lick to your playing.

Here are a few ways that you can practice this or any chord lick to get you started.


  • Practice the lick over F7 at various tempos
  • Run the lick in all 12 keys at various tempos
  • Improvise over a Jazz Blues Chord Progression and use the lick as much as is tasteful in your solo
  • Solo over different keys of the blues and bring the lick into play as much as is tasteful in each key
  • Start to change the rhythm, notes, add notes in, take notes out, add slides etc. to make the lick your own and bring it from the page into the musical realm.


Check this Bebop Guitar Lick out in the practice room and then bring it out to a jam or gig to see how it fits into a musical situation.

What do you think of this lick? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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