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Android Apps and Desktop Programs for PC and MAC coming soon!


101 Jazz Guitar Licks App for iPad and Desktop


Are you looking to expand your jazz guitar vocabulary and build your jazz guitar chops but don’t want to just learn static licks without knowing WHY they sound the way they do?

The Matt Warnock Guitar 101 Jazz Guitar Licks App not only teaches you how to play 101 classic jazz guitar licks, it teaches you how each lick is built and why it sounds the way it does, allowing you to learn the building blocks of each lick, as well as the licks themselves.


Now Available for iPad and Mac Desktop/Laptop!


With over 100 licks to choose from, geared towards beginner, intermediate and even advanced players, there is something for every jazz guitarist in this exciting and fun to work with jazz guitar teaching tool.


Click to download for iPad from the iTunes Store Today!


Click to Buy 101 Jazz Guitar Licks for Desktop from the Mac App Store!



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ii V I Voice Leading and Chord Dictionary for iPhone and iPad


Have you been spending hours in the practice room learning chord voicings and different inversions, but struggle when it comes time to take these chords to tunes and common progressions?

Are you tired of leafing through big chord dictionaries only to find that they don’t help you apply the shapes to actual music once you get them under your fingers?

If you are in this situation, or are simply looking to increase your ability to play jazz guitar chord progressions, then the Matt Warnock Guitar 251 App is just the thing to get your guitar chord playing to the next level.

With fun and easy to follow material designed to help you increase your ability to comp common chord progressions and tunes on the guitar, the Matt Warnock Guitar 251 Chord App is a chord dictionary and voice leading textbook all in your pocket, without the heavy reading or hours spent sifting through books and articles to find the chords you need.

The Matt Warnock Guitar 251 Chord App lets you build custom 251 chord progressions in major and minor keys all at the touch of a button.

You can customize each 251, giving you countless new 251 chord progressions in major and minor keys to explore in the practice room and take out on the bandstand.

Every progression is presented with proper voice leading, which minimizes hand movement on the fretboard, making it easy to to move from chord to chord as you bring these voicings to your favorite changes and tunes.


Click to Download the Matt Warnock Guitar 251 Apple App!



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  1. Oravecz Gábor, November 2, 2012:

    Hi Matt,

    I think there are a lot of Android users around the world. Will you make an Android version of your apps? (I know musicians using iOS because of the low latency but in Jelly Bean Google achieved a pretty low value.)

    Greetings from Hungary

  2. Matthew Warnock, November 2, 2012:

    Hi Gabor

    We are developing both of these apps for Android and PC/MAC desktop versions right now. It’s a lot of rewriting for the code so it takes more time. Once they are out we’ll post them on the site, thanks!

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