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“I love it when I see a new lesson posted by Matt. His lessons are concise and to the point. I wish his Jazz guitar lessons were available when I was learning how to improvise!”            –  Jazz Guitar Legend Vic Juris


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Learn Jazz Guitar the Right Way


Welcome to Matt Warnock Guitar, thanks for stopping by!


Over 1.5 million players have learned Jazz guitar with my lessons.


Now you can too.


Learning Jazz guitar doesn’t have to be boring or seem impossible.


In fact, learning how to play Jazz guitar can be fun for anyone.


These lessons will teach you the skills needed to play Jazz guitar today.


  • How to solo over Jazz chords
  • How to comp Jazz chords over Standards
  • How to transcribe Jazz guitar solos
  • How to be build an efficient practice routine
  • And much more


To get started, check out these essential Jazz guitar lessons.


New to Jazz Guitar Lessons? Start Here.


Learning how to play Jazz guitar might seem like a huge hill to climb, especially with all the information out there to confuse you.


These 10 easy Jazz guitar lessons teach you the skills needed to solo and comp over Jazz standards with confidence. [continue reading]


30 Days to Better Jazz Guitar


Ever felt like you had to learn a million chords, scales and arpeggios before you could play Jazz guitar?


But, after spending months practicing, you still don’t sound like Jazz.


This 171-page eBook will teach how to play Jazz guitar right from day 1, no experience necessary. [continue reading]


Learn Jazz Chords and Chord Progressions


A big part of playing Jazz guitar is comping over tunes in combo, duo, and big band settings. 


This guide teaches you how to read a lead sheet, essential Jazz rhythms, and how to comp over popular Jazz chord progressions. [continue reading]


Play Chord Melodies Like Joe Pass


If there’s one thing that Jazz guitarists would love to do more than anything else, it’s play chord melody arrangements of Jazz standards.


In this lesson, you’ll learn a step-by-step process to building a chord melody and how to play 6 arrangements for combo and solo guitar. [continue reading]


Learn Jazz Standards


Learning how to play Jazz guitar means learning how to confidently jam over Jazz Standards.


This lesson will teach you everything you need to know to master chords, soloing, and melodies over 101 essential Jazz standards. [continue reading]


141 Jazz Guitar Licks – Patterns and Lines


Build your Jazz guitar vocabulary with these classic and essential licks over popular Jazz chord progressions.


All the greats are here, Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Joe Pass, Pat Metheny, and many more. [continue reading]


Outline Chord Changes With Jazz Guitar Arpeggios


When learning how to solo over Jazz standards, the move direct way to outline a chord progression is to nail the arpeggios over the changes.


By studying the fingerings, Bebop patterns, and Jazz licks and solos in this lesson, you’ll be blowing through Jazz changes in no time. [continue reading]


28 Essential Jazz Guitar Scales Made Easy


At first glance, it seems like there are more Jazz scales to learn than you could possible cover in a lifetime.


With this essential guide, you’ll learn how to build 28 different modes all from one simple scale shape.


Learn Jazz scales the easy way. [continue reading]


45 Jazz Guitar Technique Building Exercises


While you don’t need to shred at blinding speeds to play Jazz, having solid technique makes playing any style of music easier.


These 45 scale patterns will increase your fretboard knowledge, build your guitar chops, and grow your soloing vocabulary. [continue reading]


Latest Jazz Guitar Lessons


Not sure where to start and just want to browse around?


Check out the latest jazz guitar lessons from Matt Warnock Guitar.