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“I love it when I see a new lesson posted by Matt. His lessons are concise and to the point. I wish his Jazz guitar lessons were available when I was learning how to improvise!”

Jazz Guitar Legend Vic Juris

Jazz Guitar Lessons

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Welcome to Matt Warnock Guitar, thanks for stopping by!


Over 5 million players have learned jazz guitar with my lessons.


Now you can too.


Learning jazz guitar doesn’t have to be boring or impossible.


In fact, learning how to play jazz guitar can be fun for everyone.


My lessons teach you the skills needed to play jazz guitar today.


  • How to solo over jazz chords.
  • How to comp jazz chords over standards.
  • How to transcribe jazz guitar solos.
  • How to be build an efficient practice routine.
  • And much more.


If you’re new to jazz start here, or check out these popular lessons.


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